Unreal Engine 5 is powering a good amount of next-gen games for the foreseeable future. But how about using that engine to remake an iconic classic?

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A Redditor by the name of Dank_Sinatra_Sr uploaded a video on the "Elder Scrolls" subreddit, which features a remake of the Kvatch Oblivion Gate in "Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion," and it's got fans talking.

According to GameRant, the almost two-minute-long trailer is fully remade with Unreal Engine 5, running at a constant 50-65FPS. Here is the video:

Aside from that sky-high frame rate, the Unreal Engine 5 remake of "Oblivion" also apparently featured nanite meshes and 8K textures. The entire trailer, according to the Redditor, also features mostly assets created from scratch.

The only ones that aren't made from the ground up are the storm effects, the knight, the wheelbarrow, and the so-called "megascanned" lava and rock formations.

Overall, the Unreal Engine 5 trailer took a couple of weeks to finish. As of this writing, the trailer has earned over 6,100 upvotes.

'Elder Scrolls 4' In Unreal Engine 5: A Massive Jump

The trailer itself is an impressive tech showcase, perhaps even more so for avid "Elder Scrolls" fans.

This fourth main game in the series was released back in 2006, which in tech terms, is already an eternity. If you Google a few trailers for it, you're going to see why this fan-made Unreal Engine 5 trailer is impressive.

Some fans were even quick to say that the Unreal Engine 5 remake is good enough for the original "Oblivion" game to be re-released for next-gen, while also calling for Bethesda to "step their game up" with "Elder Scrolls 6."

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Can 'Elder Scrolls 6' Look THIS Good?

Epic Games really did an excellent job for Unreal Engine 5, specifically in terms of pumping truly "next-gen visuals." The graphically stunning game "Black Myth: Wukong" is one of many confirmed to be using Epic's new engine, and you could definitely see the glow-up compared to last-gen.

But whether the upcoming "Elder Scrolls 6" will be based on it is still not certain. In fact, Bethesda has stayed very tight-lipped about the game ever since its first announcement three years ago.

As of June, Bethesda mainstay, Todd Howard said that "Elder Scrolls 6" is still in the "design phase." This could mean that fans of the series will have to wait years before it's released.

Unreal Engine 5 does have a lot of tech perks to it, and a theoretical build of "Elder Scrolls 6" on it would look stunning. But until Bethesda themselves confirm their engine choice in the future, this is mere speculation.

For now, the legendary studio is currently working on their new IP, "Starfield," as well as a purported "official" remaster of "Oblivion"--just like what they did with "Skyrim" for the last-gen consoles.

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