Twitter Spaces Tab to be Available on Website | Users Can Now Also Access In-App Newsletter Subscription
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Twitter Spaces Tab to be Available on Website | Users Can Now Also Access In-App Newsletter Subscription

Twitter Spaces tab is now being made available on the official website. Users will now also be able to access in-app newsletter subscriptions. The new feature will allow users to get newsletters directly in their Inbox without having to go through the hassle of checking every once in a while.

Twitter Works on New Features for Users This 2021

According to 9to5Mac, Twitter has reportedly been working hard on new features for its own users this 2021. The company has introduced Spaces, Super Follow, the brand new Blue subscription, and even more in-app new features.

As of the moment, the company is reportedly trying out the new Spaces tab for those using the Twitter website. Users will also get the option to subscribe to certain newsletters through the Twitter app. In August 2021, Twitter shut down its Instagram Stories-like platform known as "Fleets."

App Researcher Known as Nima Owji Reveals New Feature

The new features were reportedly discovered by a certain app researcher known as Nima Owji. Nima Owji is also known for revealing certain Twitter features despite not yet being released and still under development.

Twitter's very own live audio platform known as Spaces was previously launched earlier this 2021 on Twitter's official mobile app then expanded itself to the web version of the popular social network. Despite this move, the company is still working on improving Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces Tab on Website

Owji took it to Twitter, noting that users will soon be able to find a Spaces tab on the Twitter website. The tab, which as of the moment is already being tested with a number of users of the Twitter app, is expected to make it much easier for users to discover live as well as scheduled Spaces.

Quite interestingly, the tab has its very own search field. This would reportedly suggest that users will now be able to search for Spaces directly on the social network itself. Users can use the tab freely to potentially explore other Spaces they might want to check out.

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Twitter Spaces Complicated Discovery Procedure

Discovering other people's Spaces is reportedly somewhat complicated as Twitter still just highlights the live rooms from accounts that users follow. The article by 9to5Mac notes that the changes should definitely help even more users to discover certain Spaces that they like.

On another related note, Owji also shared that the app is now working on an option that would allow users to subscribe to newsletters directly from the official Twitter app. As of the moment, however, the only way users can subscribe to a Twitter newsletter is through the use of a link that is sent to a user's own email.

Twitter's very own newsletters are now provided by Revenue. Revenue is a platform that Twitter had acquired some time earlier this 2021. Twitter is now rumored to be redesigned to make the platform look like its competitor, Facebook.

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