"Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" could potentially see new faces in the game soon. That's according to a leaker who said that Halo-themed skins will be revealed for crossover content.

'Halo' is Coming to 'Fall Guys'

'Fall Guys' Leaker Says Halo-Themed Skins Will Arrive to the Game Including Master Chief, Chieftain, and Grunt
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The latest leak about "Fall Guys" revealed that "Halo" skins are soon arriving at the game. Here are the details of this report.

According to a report by Comic Book on Tuesday, Oct. 12, there's a possibility that "Fall Guys" developer Mediatonic could likely collaborate with Xbox to launch "Halo" skins in the game. 

FgPancake, the leaker behind the "Fall Guys" leak on Twitter, said that we could see unique skins into the game coming from three prominent "Halo" characters. Master Chief, together with the grunt and chieftain, is leaked to be debuting, according to Gamerant.

The leaker also wrote on a tweet that the release of the Xbox version of "Fall Guys" could take place along with the launch of "Halo" skins. Somehow, this assumption could be accurate since it makes sense about the schedule.

The "Fall Guys" leak will bring interest to the game fans and those who grew with the "Halo" franchise. FgPancake's prediction on the upcoming game contents is not new anymore to the followers.

The prominent game tipster has already unveiled many leaks that came real later. Assuming that this tweet is true, we could safely rely on Pancake's claims at this time.

So far, "Fall Guys" collects massive success, especially from PlayStation fans. If this game would appear on Xbox, the present fanbase could further reach more audiences.

Why is 'Fall Guys' Really Addicting to Play?

Last year, we reported that one of the most viral games released in Microsoft Windows and PS5 was "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown."

At that time, it had already sold over 7 million copies worldwide on Steam after a few weeks since its official debut. For this part, some players are wondering why they could keep on playing the game. There's an answer to that question.

According to the report, the game's simplicity and humor hook up the players to continue playing "Fall Guys." In line with this, a study suggested that many people find a subject funny, especially when they see a person suffering from an accidental fall.

The game's "play frame" is one factor behind the logic of laughing when someone falls down. For regular "Fall Guys" gamers, they usually experience this scenario when playing the game.

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'Fall Guys' is the Most Downloaded PS Plus Game

In September, Guinness Worlds Records handed the recent award to "Fall Guys" as the most downloaded game of all time on the PS Plus platform. For the various individuals behind the game's creation, this massive milestone is impressive.

Guinness said that the record for "Fall Guys" covered the date of August last year. The battle royale game shares its achievement not only with the players, but also with the developers, designers, and other important people who helped in game creation and development.

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