Apple Releases New Security Research Report Making Its Case Against Sideloading Apps
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple Releases New Security Research Report Making Its Case Against Sideloading Apps

Apple has just released a new security research report that makes the company's case against sideloading apps. Apple has reportedly spent years marketing its own iPhones and iPads as better when it comes to security and reliability compared to competing devices powered by Google's very own Android software, including Samsung.

Apple App Store and Sideloading

According to the story by CNet, one of the primary reasons is that the Apple App Store remains the only sanctioned way for users to download apps on their iPhones and iPad. Although there are other phone makers that have their very own app stores as well, they still often allow what would be called sideloading.

Sideloading is where users will be able to find and download apps from certain sources aside from the primary app store of their app. Apple had recently pushed to bolster its case in favor of having the controller App Store and stood against sideloading with a new research paper that points towards increasing attacks as well as malware infections that happen on competitor's devices.

Could Sideloading Apps be Harmful?

The new report that is now called Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps: A Threat Analysis of Sideloading is currently underscoring reports coming from governments around the whole world. This includes the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Europe counterparts who have issued warnings over how people download apps.

In particular, Apple noted that the Android-powered devices actually have up to 47 times more malware infections compared to iPhones. Apple noted in its white paper that maintaining security and privacy on the whole iOS ecosystem is of critical importance to different users. The new Apple watch 8 2022 could come with a larger third size.

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Apple 'White Paper' Research

It was noted that supporting sideloading through direct downloads and third-party app stores could cripple the privacy and security protections that have actually made the iPhone so secure and expose users to some serious security risks. Apple's published research is usually called "white paper" and remains the latest way it is making its case in favor of the iPhone and iPad App Stores and its own controlling approach to its devices.

In June 2021, the tech giant officially published a pamphlet-style breakdown of its particular arguments against sideloading, which was timed when the U.S. lawmakers started debating proposed laws that would potentially require Apple users to sideload apps and more. Apple has also faced opposition in the courts. The older Apple Watch chargers are not going to be compatible with the upcoming Apple Watch series.

Apple noted that if the company was forced to support sideloading through direct downloads as well as through third-party app stores, iPhone users would then be constantly on the lookout for certain scams. This would make them unsure of whom or what to trust, resulting in users downloading fewer apps coming from fewer developers.

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