IBM AI Service Now Helps Companies with Climate Change Analysis | Weather Data, Risk Analysis, Carbon Accounting Capabilities Combined with Artificial Intelligence
(Photo : Image from IBM AI Service Now Helps Companies with Climate Change Analysis | Weather Data, Risk Analysis, Carbon Accounting Capabilities Combined with Artificial Intelligence

IBM is launching an AI service that is helping companies with their climate change analysis. The company has just launched its Environmental Intelligence Suite, which is a set of AI-powered software to use to prepare for climate risks that could actually disrupt operations.

IBM Launches AI Services

According to VentureBeat, by combining the use of AI, climate risk analytics, weather data, and carbon accounting capabilities, the Environmental Intelligence Suite can be used in order to help organizations. The company aims to help organizations assess their own impact on the planet while also reducing the complexity of other regulatory compliance, according to IBM.

Companies are reportedly facing certain climate-related damage to their assets and increasing expectations coming from consumers in order to perform as environmental leaders. McKinsey also predicts that climate change could also mean more disruptions in some global supply chains, interrupting production as well as rising costs and prices.

IBM Research 'Environmental Intelligence Suite'

Shoppers are seeking and also willing to pay a premium price for environmentally-friendly products. This is according to recent studies coming from GreenPrint, as seen on BusinessWire, as well as other sources, as noted by Barrons.

The new Environmental Intelligence Suite actually leverages existing weather data coming from IBM along with technologies that were developed by IBM Research. This is through APIs, maps, dashboards, and other alerts, the platform delivers some recommendations that are aimed at addressing both the immediate climate challenges and other long-term planning and strategies.

IBM AI Applications

When it comes to the platform, climate, as well as data scientists, will be able to analyze environmental datasets as well as use a brand new climate risk modeling framework in order to generate data on future wildlife as well as flooding risks. They can also tap certain natural language processing as well as automation features that are designed to help estimate carbon emissions and be able to identify opportunities for reduction.

Kareem Yusef, IBM's general manager of AI applications as well as blockchain, gave a statement. According to Yusef, the future of business and the environment are still deeply intertwined. IBM previously acquired The Weather Company's digital asset in order for the company's supercomputer called Watson host forecast data back in 2015.

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Power of AI and Hybrid Cloud

It was noted that not only are companies now coping with the effects of extreme weather disruptions on their very own operations. They are also being held increasingly accountable by regulators and shareholders for how their very own operations impact the planet. IBM employees that remain unvaccinated will be facing unpaid suspensions according to the company's announcement.

IBM is now bringing together both the power of AI as well as the hybrid cloud in order to provide businesses along with environmental intelligence that was designed to help improve environmental performance and reporting, as per the statement. It was also mentioned that creating more efficient business operations in order to reduce resource consumption as well as plan for resiliency in the face of certain climate disruptions.

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