Apple Watch 8 2022 to Come in a Third, Larger Size
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple Watch 8 2022 to Come in a Third, Larger Size

The upcoming Apple Watch 8 is set to come in 2022 in three different sizes. This time, the Apple Watch will be including another larger size for consumers to pick from. Although this isn't confirmed, the new size might take the Apple Watch's dimensions to new limits.

Apple Watch 8 New Sizes

According to the story by Android Insider, Apple could be introducing a brand new third size to its upcoming Apple Watch lineup expected to launch in 2022. Although not officially confirmed, the new Apple Watch 8 could be receiving the biggest display it has ever had.

A certain analyst has now suggested that Apple could further expand its brand new Apple Watch offerings in the upcoming 2022. The Apple analyst reportedly tweeted out that he believes that the upcoming Apple Watch could be receiving another third and larger size.

Ross Young Gives a Statement

The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, gave a statement to Apple Watch fans. It was noted that fans should not be surprised if there would be three different sizes in 2022. Young, however, still does not note what the upcoming third size could be.

As of the moment, all Apple Watch models have actually been offered in two different sizes, namely "small" and "large." For example, the current Apple Watch Series 7 is now available in both 41mm and 45mm configurations. It is also important to note that the previous Apple Watch Series 7 chargers won't be compatible with Apple's newer smartwatch.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Gives Statement

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also given weight to what actual features he believes will be made available in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Kuo notes that he actually believes that the new Apple Watch will include new health management features in 2022.

The new health management features set to come in 2022 are said to include certain abilities that will help users monitor their body temperature and more. One of the highly promoted features of these smartwatches is its health components and the way it helps the wearer collect certain data about their body.

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New Apple 'Bigger Display'

According to MacRumors, Young actually did not provide details regarding what those three sizes could be. He then asked users if they would like to see an even "bigger display." This is presumably the third size that could be a larger Apple Watch than what is offered as of the moment.

This year, Apple made some minor changes when it came to the design of the Apple Watch Series 7, which comes in two different 41mm and 45mm case options. The previous Apple Watch models have been made available in sizes ranging from 38mm, 40mm, and larger 44mm sizes. 

Increases in sizing also come alongside other slimmed-down bezels as well as larger display sizes. Realme is rolling out their 4K Google TV Stick to work with Google TV instead of Android TV.

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