Nintendo Switch OLED Device Teardown Reveals Smaller Cooling Assembly
(Photo : Image from Nintendo Website) Nintendo Switch OLED Device Teardown Reveals Smaller Cooling Assembly

The new Nintendo Switch OLED device is now being tested to see what it's really made of. A teardown done by professionals revealed that the device was actually built with a smaller cooling assembly.

Nintendo Switch OLED Display Teardown

It actually turns out that there is still a lot more to Nintendo's recently released OLED Switch aside from just a new display panel coming from Samsung. A teardown of the console was done by DIY heroes at iFixit that were able to find out that the company had a lot of internal tweaks.

The internal tweaks were reportedly what made the device different when compared to the previous Nintendo Switch. Just like with the recent PlayStation 5 revision, the new Nintendo OLED Switch now features quite a smaller cooling assembly compared to the other previous models.

What is the Difference Between the Newer Nintendo Switch and the Older One?

According to Engadget, iFixit now suspects that Nintendo tweaked this either to save on space or maybe even dial back on the launch model's very own "cooling compensation." As of the moment, the article notes that the most one could say is that they would hope the change will not lead towards claims that the new model is going to be "worse" compared to its predecessor.

In yet another particular space-saving measure, Nintendo has actually consolidated a number of components directly onto a single board. The console's very own SD card reader, headphone jack, and even cartridge readers can all be found on a single PCB.

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Repairable?

Quite notably, the one particular controller-related change found on the OLED variant features is a brand new set of new console-side rails that would hold their respective Joy-Cons a bit more securely. Another change also sees the console's very own interconnect cables taped towards the top of a metal shield.

Although this is something that will make the Nintendo OLED Switch a bit more difficult, iFixit reportedly suspects that it could help with WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity issues. Also, speaking of repairability, iFixit reportedly gave the new Nintendo Switch OLED model a score of just seven out of 10.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Repairability Score

iFixit also did the same teardown on the previous Nintendo Switch and reportedly gave the model a score of eight out of 10. This means that the more current Nintendo Switch OLED model actually dropped in ratings when it came to its reparability. Burn-ins have also started to become a significant problem for the new device. Learn how to prevent Nintendo Switch OLED burn-ins and potentially save your console from damage.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model reportedly features a particular non-modular storage module that has been soldered directly to its motherboard. This would make easy repairs as well as upgrades on the front, something users won't be able to do. The new Nintendo Switch OLED model has not really been that widely celebrated. Check out the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch OLED vs. the previous Nintendo Switch.

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