Facebook has pledged itself to protect the rights of Journalists and Activists in the platform, as the social media company is treating them as public figures in the platform. While it is unknown to all, Facebook has a journalist program that identifies the user as a member of the media that upholds truth and facts to be shared with the public. 

Facebook to Protect Journalists and Activists Rights

Facebook Ad Tracking Rework
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Facebook Ad Tracking Rework.

A Facebook representative and spokesperson has commented on this issue (via Reuters) and has said that journalists and activists would have better protection via social media. These people are considered to be "involuntary" public figures as they do not choose to be figures, but only to report on the truth. 

Despite the world going on a better future with journalism being easily accessible and that it brings more information for people to absorb, it is still a dangerous world out there for these people that speak up.

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Activists are also a part of this, especially those with a massive cause that they fight for, something that has uplifted society's interest and unity in going against those that do wrong in the real world. Social media has become one of the top platforms for activism, so much that it is effective and widespread. 

Facebook's Journalist Program

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The big blue social media company is known to have launched a "journalist rights" protection on the platform, which would help all that are under the program for all their activities on the News Feed. 

This would mean that they would have almost the same rights or protections as those who are known to be politicians or those widely considered to be public figures. 

Journalist Rights, as Public Figures

Facebook has faced an age-old industry problem before, and it is because of censorship during a time where war is still a massive threat, with Palestinian Journalists being taken their rights away from them by reporting public facts. 

Censorship was and still is one of the top threats against Journalism in general, especially as it prevents people from conveying the whole truths or focus of the subject. The act against journalism is a massive threat to the public, especially as they can perceive a report wrongly and have it misinterpreted due to censorship.

Journalists have rights as public figures because they mostly report on public matters that people deserve to know, and it should not only be for the positive ones that glorify corporations. 

Also, it is an art that people practice, bringing only factual information for everyone's knowledge, giving them the status as one of the public figures that go on every day to deliver truth and information. 

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