OneWeb's Internet Satellite would launch on Thursday, and Arianespace is showcasing it on a live stream as it launches with Russia's Soyuz Rockets to deliver its solar-powered satellites in orbit. OneWeb is a known rival of Starlink in terms of a novel internet connection that beams from out of this world and promises a fast connection.

The company has initially been the first commercial launch provider in the world, and it has had a few run-ins with SpaceX and its Starlink, especially as the latter launched numerous satellites to orbit. Initially thought to be on the verge of bankruptcy, Arianespace and OneWeb have turned the tide and are already joining the space race for internet satellites.

OneWeb's Launch with Russia's Soyuz Rocket

Russia's Soyuz Rocket for OneWeb
(Photo : NASA/ Joel Kowsky via Getty Images)

Arianespace and OneWeb are back at it, despite being thought that they are finished by sending over space satellites for its internet service, in the past month. The goal of the company is to launch with Russia's Soyuz Rocket to bring 36 more satellites to the low-Earth orbit (LEO) and add to an upcoming total of 358.

That is a lot for the space company's rockets for internet coverage, and it is truly a massive signal or connection already, something that would have the power to provide a stellar connection already. Its current focus is the 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, and WiFi connectivity.

The internet constellation could provide readily available connections in plenty of places, in either the air, land, or sea locations. This sounds a lot like SpaceX's Starlink who is soon opening its beta to more users to experience the satellite internet of the company, which promises to be the fastest and widest available connection in the world.

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When and How To Watch?

The live stream can be accessed either via Arianespace's website or its YouTube Channel, where it would begin its stream 20 minutes before the launch. The event would be held this Thursday, October 14, at 5:30 AM Eastern Domestic Time (EDT) or 2:30 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

The liftoff would be a fast one, as it travels upwards towards the low Earth orbit and then releasing the payload before returning to the surface. The satellites would them wait for its orbit constellation to appear, as well as pairing with its group so that it may provide an internet connection.

OneWeb vs. Starlink

OneWeb vs. Starlink
(Photo : Tim Peake / ESA/NASA via Getty Images)

OneWeb and Starlink are two same peas of a different pod, and that is because both are known to be internet satellite providers who have parent companies that are competitors in the space race.

SpaceX and Arianespace are not necessarily rivals, but both are competing in terms of clients and flights all around the globe. Moreover, OneWeb and Starlink are also competing in the LEO, where it is almost too crowded for them, and have the chance of bumping each other.

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