Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Can Float | Gets IP67-Rated on Liquid and Dust Exposure
(Photo : Image from Bose Website) Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Can Float | Gets IP67-Rated on Liquid and Dust Exposure

Bose SoundLink Flex bluetooth speakers can now float! The speaker got an IP67-rated on liquid as well as dust exposure. In addition to a rugged build as well as an affordable price, the latest Bose speaker is now capable of automatically adjusting audio depending on its own orientation.

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speakers

According to ScreenRant, Bose has previously launched a new SoundLink Flex rugged Bluetooth speaker, and the product is pretty exciting since it is said to adjust its sound automatically depending on the device's orientation. Aside from this, the speaker is said to deliver powerful bass and can even float when it is dropped in water.

It was noted that Bose, as of the moment, has not yet added any new portable Bluetooth speakers to its very own portfolio lately. Instead, it was noted that the company appears to have actually been focusing on its own headphone and earbud offerings.

Home Speaker 300

In 2019, Bose actually announced the Home Speaker 300, which is its pill-shaped portable smart speaker. The company also added Google Assist to its now existing line-up of smart speakers. The QuiteComfort 45 ANC headphones were previously leaked as Bose's new and improved headphones with USB-C port, quick charge, and even more.

Outside of just the speakers, the company had just recently launched the QC45 noise-canceling headphones in order to go up against its competitors like the Sony WH-1000 XM4 as well as the AirPods Max. When it comes to the earbuds segment, the company has also revealed the Bose Sport Open Earbuds that were launched earlier this 2021.

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Bose Speaker IP-67 Rated Device

The latest of the portable Bose bluetooth speakers is said to be an IP-67-rated device that is going to be resistant to liquid and dust exposure. Bose notes that the new SoundLink Flex utilizes a certain silicon back that won't really peel or flake. This is while the power-coated steel speaker grille is said to be UV as well as corrosion-resistant.

The company currently claims that its latest speaker will actually float if users would drop it in a pool or the ocean. The said Bose offering now weighs just a little over a pound and also comes along with a utility loop. This should make the speaker be able to carry whenever needed. Bose Sport open earbuds have launched during the start of 2021, and for those that want to buy them online, the earbuds start at $200.

At an asking price of $149 in the United States, the SoundLink Flex goes directly against the $169 Sonos Roam and is currently available to buy from the company's own website. Bose notes that it has equipped the said SoundLink Flex with the largest transducer that it could fit alongside another pair of passive radiators. This is while its in-house DSP tech keeps distortion to a very minimum.

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