The upcoming "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" remakes have released the latest details about the new mechanics. However, the fans have mixed opinions about the most notable change in the game: the Exp Share.

Find out why some fans are complaining about this in-game item.

'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl' Exp Share Controversy

'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl' Spark Issue to Fans | Exp Share Cannot Be Toggled Off Anymore
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Dialga (L) and Palkia (R) as the main covers of the "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" remakes 

According to a report by Nintendo Life on Thursday, Oct.14, the Sinnoh-focused games have stirred issues among Pokemon mainline fans. In fact, the Exp. Share cannot be turned off anymore by the players in the upcoming remakes.

The Exp.Share is an item that gives experience to the Pokemon who participates in a battle. In the next-gen versions, all Pokemon in the party can gain experience without the need to appear in a fight. However, players still have the freedom to activate it or not.

The latest update in the "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" franchise revealed that the Exp. Share will now be permanent. Many Pokemon gamers are complaining about the recent mechanics.

While this sounds good because leveling up Pokemon is now easier, those who are engaging in battles for the sake of EV training are affected. Apparently, the outrage of the fans pointed out that the game is becoming "too easy."

EV or the effort values are regarded to the key stat points given to different Pokemon. They vary in distribution on each type and level. To give you an idea about that, you can obtain them through battling wild or other trainers.

For fans, the "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" remakes could interfere with their EV training. This is because competitive players only want the ideal stat points to their Pokemon. If the EV is spread throughout, the important stats will not be prioritized as a result.

TMs Are Now Single-Use in Pokemon Sinnoh Game Remakes

Aside from the annoying EXP share that won't be toggled off anymore, "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" fans have another headache to deal with. 

The remakes are also expected to bring back the old mechanics on the technical machines (TMs), according to Kotaku. The players could only use them once to a particular Pokemon.

TMs are what make up a Pokemon moveset. These items teach a new move to a Pokemon. The old games such as "Pokemon Leaf Green" and "Pokemon Ruby" stuck to the single-use TMs, but the next-gen games implemented the permanent TM usage.

For those who are planning to buy "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," they will be available on Nov.19 for Nintendo Switch users. To pre-order, you can visit the official shop for more details.

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