"Pokemon Sword and Shield" is likely to be incorporated with "Pokemon GO," according to the most recent leak. With that being said, Niantic seems to be readying some changes for the next update. The video game developer might expand the "Pokemon GO" game mechanics starting from Generation I to the latest Generation 8. 

'Pokemon GO' Controversy Amid COVID Scare

'Pokemon Sword & Shield' Will Be Integrated into 'Pokemon GO'--What to Expect? [LEAK]
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Legendary Galar beasts, Zacian and Zamazenta in Pokemon GO's Ultra Unlock Part III

Amid the controversies that Niantic is facing now, many people will not forget how "Pokemon GO" managed to remove the COVID-19 safety measures. The real-world places in the game have only become much tougher for the fans since the pandemic threatens the people to be more cautious about their surroundings.

For someone who could not go outside or for someone who has a disability, catching Pokemon could be another chore that he/she needs to overcome. Accessing Gyms and PokeStops might be a nightmare for the participant.

As a result, TechCrunch reported that many "Pokemon GO '' players and influencers warned that they would boycott the game due to unfair implementations. 

'Pokemon Sword and Shield' Coming to 'Pokemon GO'

Moving forward from the scrutiny that Niantic is dealing with, the upcoming "Pokemon GO" update could be a game-changer amid public hatred.

Through the next update, we could potentially see lots of moves that would come into the game. From Kanto Region to Galar Region, the AR game could adopt a myriad of new skills and improvements.

Additionally, we could possibly witness clothes that are based in gyms from "Pokemon Sword" and "Pokemon Shield," according to Slash Gear.

The fans could now sport a new look through a white-and-blue uniform. They could even choose other color variations such as black-and-pink Dark uniform and dark blue-and-orange Dragon uniform.

The upcoming update might hand us these extra items for those who love their characters to wear additional accessories such as gloves and footwear.

'Pokemon GO' APK File to Introduce New Pokemon Gym Functionalities

Judging from the game's APK file, we could see that the above-mentioned changes could arrive in the game at an uncertain date. Certainly, we would want to have new equipment and mechanics that we could enjoy soon.

The "Pokemon Sword and Shield" merge could pave the way for the introduction of new functionalities for every Pokemon Gym in "Pokemon GO."

We could anticipate that the leak would present new challenges for aspiring Pokemon trainers. For example, the newbies could have a hard time finishing a gym at first. The game could give him/her some Potions and Revives for a beginner's luck.

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Pokemon Power-Ups in Pokestop and Gyms

In some way, the players could also receive various bonuses after defeating a gym leader. He/she could likely benefit from the XP points and other items that could help their Pokemon to become stronger.

Speaking of miscellaneous stuff in the game, the upcoming update would feature Power Up Pokestop and Power Up Gyms. This means that a "Pokemon GO" player will receive a bonus following a power-up granted by another trainer during gym battles.

If someone happens to power up Pokestop, the involved players would also benefit from the power-up bonus.

For this update, Niantic could implement the use of AR scans and users' photos to enable power-ups in Gyms and Pokestop. This would be a great stepping stone for the creator to feature the whole world in 3D.

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