Google Maps offers a lot of features for those who want to find a particular location around an area. For someone who seeks a place to eat, a person could rely on this app for reference.

Android users could fully utilize the app's hidden tricks that are often overlooked by people. There are secret things that you can do besides the usual location sharing.

Here are some of the secret features that are actually usable on the Google Maps app on your Android device.

Google Maps Features You Should Explore

Useful Google Maps Tricks That Are Often Overlooked on Android
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Here are some of the hidden tricks on Google Maps that you should explore on the Android platform.

Location Saving

According to a report by Computer World, location saving is possible on your Google Maps. You can freely save your preferred location on your map. To do this, open the application first and click the blue icon of your current place.

You can also explore the Parking location that is accessible at the bottom of the screen. Next time you go to the mall, you can now take notes about your saved location.

Driving Mode

With Google Assistant, your Maps Android app will have an instant driving mode for your road trips. If you connect the software to your Bluetooth, it could tell if you are driving your car.

You can check this option in the upper right corner of the app. Click your picture and choose Settings. Next, tap the Navigation settings followed by Google Assistant.

Trips Feature

In 2016, Google Trips was officially launched. This feature helps the user to organize trips ahead of their schedules. However, it was quickly shut down by the company.

This time, the quiet trick appeared on Google Maps on Android. If you want to explore this, go to the Go tab located at your screen's bottom. Scroll down and search for the Reservations button.

After that, a list of flights, restaurant reservations, and other plans will show up.

Turn On Incognito

Well, Google Maps does not only tackle location sharing and saving. It also allows the users to go to incognito mode. To begin, click your profile picture and enable the incognito mode.

During the session, even Google won't know your location.

Dark and Light Scheme

Google Maps is always hands-on through its navigation features. However, you can have the option to select your app's color scheme to a dark mode.

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Guidance Volume

Sometimes, Google Maps users experience playing a song that is louder than the app itself. This issue might interfere with the usage of a person. There's a fix for that.

You can try tweaking the guidance volume under the "Navigation settings." This would allow you to change the sound from soft to loud.

Other secret tricks that you can try are the following:

Pinned Places

  • Create Collections of Places

  • Audio Controls

  • Locked Orientation

  • Specific Suggestions For Restaurants

NDTV wrote in an updated report that Google Apps now has a new widget that will allow Android users to access home screen navigation.

You can also check the best alternatives for Google Maps as well as a comprehensive guide for location sharing on several platforms such as iOS, PC, and Mac.

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