Waymo has already launched in San Francisco, but there has been a strange happening on a dead-end street in Richmond District for its self-driving cars. Here, a Waymo ride-hailing vehicle always ends up on a specific dead-end street and always requires a driver to navigate through a turn, something which Elon Musk finds funny.

The Alphabet-owned company has already pushed forth its robotaxi venture that would be pioneering in the county of San Fransisco, alongside another driverless venture named Cruise. San Fransisco, otherwise known as the "Bay Area," has been one of the first places to adopt self-driving technology to be fully autonomous for companies like Waymo.

Elon Musk Finds Strange Happening on Waymo Launch in SF, Funny

Elon Musk and Waymo's Bizarre Behavior in SF
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There are recent reports where the autonomous driving vehicles of Waymo that has launched in San Francisco to be looking at a strange happening, and it always ends up on the same spot. This spot is a dead-end street, and it is where Waymo completely stops, only to need human interference to get out of the situation.

With this, Tesla CEO and one of the proprietors of the Full-Self Driving (FSD) has noticed the phenomenon and shared his reaction via Twitter. The only reaction is Elon Musk is laughing at what is happening, as the meme king of Tesla found the Waymo incident in San Francisco to be funny.


Despite Waymo being one of the first street-approved autonomous driving vehicle features in the country, it still has several scrutinies it is facing, and this one has weirded people out.

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What is Happening Waymo?

What is happening with Waymo may be a technical glitch or intended by the company, but it still is strange happening with the autonomous driving feature of its recently launched fleet. According to a report by the CBS SF BayArea, residents find the Waymo cars to be having a strange happening in a dead-end street in the city.

Moreover, it has a guaranteed appearance "every five minutes or so," where cars without rides or passengers appear there and get stuck on the street. The car would then need human intervention so that it can make its three-point turn so that it can maneuver itself out of the dead-end street and back to its operations.

Will This Stop?

The confused residents also find the sound that these driverless cars make, which are weird and funny.

The happening has affected some passengers because of the number of cars that pop up, as well as the sound that it makes when arriving. Waymo has said that it is still acclimating to the streets of San Francisco and would surely fix the issue in the coming days or weeks.

Moreover, it would stop the "creepy" and "strange" happenings that have affected the residents of the area, especially those who are working from home.

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