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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" announced that it will have downloadable content that will give gamers the chance to design vacation homes for the game's various villagers.

The feature was announced during the "Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct" event on Oct. 15. The downloadable content, titled "Happy Home Paradise," is scheduled to go live on Nov. 5, together with the game's 2.0 version, and it will cost $25.

Animal Crossing DLC to Design Vacation Homes

"Happy Home Paradise" will also be available as part of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, together with access to Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 game titles, according to Polygon.

In the update, players can assist a resort developer named "Paradise Planning" by creating vacation homes that are designed to villagers' requests.

Customization is the key when creating vacation houses in the game, with the players being able to change almost every aspect of the home and the lots that they are built in.

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The players can also adjust the size of the homes and add a partition wall or put pillars to section off the spaces.

The players can change the home's location outside after starting an island on "Animal Crossing.". They can also change its design and edit the area that surrounds it with the new editor.

Players will be able to redesign several facilities across the DLC and not just vacation homes, according to Digital Trends.

Whether they make a hospital, restaurant, or school, the villagers will occupy and use every single facility.

As soon as the players have designed a vacation home successfully, they will get a payment in Poki, a new currency in the game.

Poki can only be used in the game, but it can be used to buy cosmetics, furniture, and other items, and it can be brought to the main island.

The new feature can also be used on homes on the main island and not just on vacation homes. This gives players the chance to customize more homes.

For players who do not want to visit their unattractive homes anymore, once enough vacation homes have been built and customized, villagers may ask the player to redesign their homes.

The update on "Animal Horizons" comes after Nintendo launched BlackPink's island in August.

Prices of the Happy Home Paradise

Nintendo showed how the players could learn to decorate, customize a building, and meet for vacations in a 10-minute presentation during the Nintendo event, according to The Verge.

The Nintendo event also showed a decoration job, with players using lighting options, countertops, and reconfigured floorplans to make amazing interiors with a lot of depth.

The "Paradise Planning" feature on the "Happy Home Paradise" game will assist players by suggesting items that can help improve the interior based on the preferred theme of the villager. It will also add relaxing soundscapes and lighting.

Players can also fix the buildings on the island, including a school and restaurant. They can also invite other characters to use them.

The "Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise" will cost the players $24.99 a month. However, it is included with the new Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack DLC.

The Expansion Pack can be accessed via subscription. The individual memberships will cost $49.99, and the family plan will cost $79.99.

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