"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is full of villagers that players could spend time interacting with.

The game is one of the most popular titles today, garnering a huge fan base since its release on March 20, 2020.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons:’ Top 5 Most Popular Villagers
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This photo taken on April 29, 2020 shows Australian high school teacher Dante Gabriele playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing at home in Melbourne during the country's enforced COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown.

'Animal Crossing: New Horizons:' Villagers

As per EssentiallySports, one of the primary reasons why the game got traction immediately is due to its non-competitive gameplay.

As such, folks playing it could do so at their own pacing.

Moreover, "Animal Crossing" players could decorate an island, hoard items as much as they can, and even leisurely go on to socialize with the villagers.

DenofGeek further suggests that one of the reasons why "Animal Crossing" has become a huge success is attributed to the cute and interesting personalities of the villagers.

Top 5 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Villagers

Some villagers simply stand out more than their counterparts. So, here are some villagers that you may consider adding to your roster.

5. Judy

The Cub species villager who carries a very snooty personality is one of the characters who came along with the "New Horizons." Upon initial interaction with Judy, some find her boastful, disrespectful, and even aloof as she is fond of talking about her own experiences, and herself in general.

4. Sherb

This Goat species villager debuted in "New Horizons" along with Judy. Even so, Sherb still gained popularity quickly.

He is known to sport a very lazy personality and loves to speak about all sorts of bugs and the food from his home, similar to other lazy villagers.

On top of bugs, he fancies talking about nature in general, including fish, fossils, or even flowers.

3. Zucker

He is the second lazy villager to make it to the list. Zucker, who is an Octopus species, has a similar personality to Sherb, but, on the other hand, he was introduced in the "Animal Crossing: New Leaf," and made it to the "New Horizons" too.

Due to the laid-back lifestyle of Zucker, he is known to be an easy-going companion who gets along with other villagers, such as sisterly, smug, peppy, and normal types.

Nevertheless, he still has issues with snooty villages, which criticizes his way of life.

2. Raymond

This Cat species villager gained popularity, not because of his personality, but due to his looks. Notably, Raymond is the only folk from the "ACNH" that flaunts two-colored eyes--green and brown.

Aside from that, he also carries a very serious look paired with his business suit and a pair of thick-framed glasses.

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1. Marshal

Marshal is second to none in popularity and has been one of the longest most sought-after villagers in "Animal Crossing." He portrays a smug personality, which helps him get along with other folks.

His home interestingly carries a cafè theme with coffee equipment inside it, including a stovetop espresso maker, a coffee grinder, and a normal espresso maker--to name a few.

Elsewhere, BLACKPINK is getting very own island on "Animal Crossing."

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