The case against Elizabeth Holmes gets thicker and thicker as Daniel Edlin, a former Theranos project manager who was actually friends with the brother of Elizabth Holmes, testifies that she told him to conceal certain parts of the company's lab to visiting potential investors as well as some other important visitors.

Edlin Worked at Theranos in Sep 2011 to Dec 2016

According to CNBC, Edlin reportedly worked at Theranos from September 2011 all the way to December 2016. Edlin also attended Duke University and this is where he became friends with Christian Holmes who is the younger brother of Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder.

He reportedly told jurors in the criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes that during the tours at Theranos, visitors would actually be shown a demo room along with the company's MiniLab which is its blood-testing technology. Both Holmes as well as Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, the former president of Theranos, would decide where their guests would go.

Edlin Reveals Concealment of Parts During Tour

Edlin noted that he recalls that in advance of the tour, there would actually be certain parts of the lab that were hidden by a particular partition. It was noted that oftentimes, it was actually the areas where there were Theranos devices. This was done to make sure that whoever was touring wouldn't be able to see them.

Holmes' trial just recently and prosecutors are now continually calling witnesses. The Theranos founder faces charges of 12 counts of wire fraud as well as conspiracy after her very own blood-testing start-up, which at one point was valued at $9 billion, collapsed back in 2015. Elizabeth Holmes has questioned the credibility of other witnesses like ex-Theranos lab director.

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Edlin Left Theranos

Holmes and Balwani pleaded not guilty and will be tried separately. Edlin noted to jurors that his own job at the company was actually to focus on supporting relationships with certain business partners just like Walgreens. Safeway ex-CEO is now acknowledging the risk they took when partnering with Theranos noting that the company actually did at least 100 hours of due diligence before the said deal.

He noted that he had left the company in order to attend business school and noted that at the time, he no longer believed on what he was seeing that the company was capable of standing behind the said claims it was making regarding its skill. His departure actually came about a year after the Wall Street Journal released a series of articles that exposed the company's massive tech flas and business shortcomings.

Edlin noted that he just no longer wanted to be a part of that particular type of environment. He noted that he didn't learn until 2016 that MiniLabs was not actually used on patients. Edlin was noted to be one of many friends of Duke Holmes, the brother of Elizabeth Holmes, who went to work for Theranos.

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