Google Chromecast allows the users to stream videos from the smartphone or computer. By plugging the device into the TV using an HDMI port, watching videos would be twice the fun, especially on a bigger screen.

Did you know that you can do a lot of things using this? Although Google released some suggestions for the users, we got you covered for the other tricks that you can do with Chromecast.

Here are the tips that you can follow to elevate your experience for your Google TV.

Chromecast Tricks That You Should Explore 

Chromecast Tricks That You Can Do In Your Google TV | Quick Tips to Follow
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These Chromecast tips will help you experience using this smart home device for your Google TV.

Go to Google Play Store

According to a report by Android Police, the latest interface for Google TV will let you install more apps through Chromecast. Of course, you are free to roam the Apps tab for more information.

You can force update your applications through the PlayStore. Just launch Google Assistant and speak "Play Store."

Button Remapping For Remote

There's something special about Chromecast. Your Android TV will be more interesting to use because of the Button Mapper. Actually, you can customize your remote's buttons if you are streaming a video.

You can also alter the shortcuts and assign different functionality to each button.

Capture Screen Grabs

Did you know that once you get used to Button Mapper, you can take a quick screenshot on your Chromecast? You can accomplish it by long-pressing the Home button.

Send APK to Google TV

Chromecast allows app sideloading. That's why you can transfer an APK file to your Android TV. But for it to happen, you need to download a third-party installer. Make sure to allow the app installation from unidentified sources.

Third-Party App Launcher

Your Google TV has its own Launcher for applications, but you can still add another one. This does not necessarily mean that the official app launcher will be replaced.

You can try downloading SideApps and Sideload Launcher for a try.

Get the Google Photos App

You can install Google Photos on your Chromecast. It's much easier to do if you do it using a Bluetooth mouse or USB. Although it has a lot of steps to follow, it's worth it in the end because you access the photos from your devices.

Change the Volume of Content

Switching your volume assignment for your Chromecast is a better way than setting it alone to your TV. This is because you can change the volume through other media.

On the volume control, just select Chromecast Volume to enable it.

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Android Remote and USB-C Hub

There's a built-in remote that you should utilize for your Chromecast. Through it, you can access different built-in features, as well as the Quick Settings.

You can also use Chromecast's USB-C port for charging. What's better is you can add more accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, and a lot more.

A few weeks ago, Google announced that you could obtain a Google Chromecast Ultra for free together with a Stadia controller. What Hi-Fi reported is that if you purchase or pre-order a legit game, you can get this package.

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