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Gruber Motors, a shop that works on Tesla vehicles, was caught on fire once again. This is the second time that the shop has caught fire in the past four years. 

It is said that several rare Tesla Roadsters have been lost due to the fire.

Gruber Motors Caught Fire for the Second Time

Gruber Motors is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and it is a shop that offers several services to Tesla car owners, according to Electrek. It is one of the rare companies that can fix the bricking issues that some Tesla vehicles have.

The early Tesla vehicles had an issue where the battery would become unusable. The company would not be able to fix it. Instead, it would recommend a battery replacement, which can be very expensive, especially if it is out of warranty.

Gruber Motors also fixes the other components of a Tesla vehicle, including its autopilot mode that has been controversial in the past few months.

The CEO of Gruber Motors, Peete Gruber, developed a system to identify a dead module and they were only able to replace those and get the vehicles working again.

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However, the shop had a lot of issues in 2017 when it caught fire and destroyed at least 5 Tesla Roadsters and a Tzero vehicle. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the fire, but history was lost.

Now Gruber caught fire again on Oct. 17. The local fire department was the one who reported on the incident. No one was hurt but the extend to the damages are not revealed yet, according to a post on Twitter.


In July, several Tesla vehicles were destroyed due to rodents.

What Happened During the Incident

A Tesla owner who had their vehicle at the shop when the incident happened told TMC what happened, and he said that the entire interior of the shop was gone.

The owner said that he was scheduled to pick up his vehicle after it had been in for service. He got an email from Gruber in the morning of Oct. 17 and the email states that the shop had a fire and that while his vehicle was okay because it was parked outside, his key has been destroyed in the fire.

The shop wanted to make sure that the Tesla car owner had a spare key so he can pick up his vehicle. He assumed that it must have been a small fire given that the shop was taking its time to confirm that he was still coming to pick up his car that day and he had the spare key.

When he went to pick up the vehicle, though, he was surprised to see what had happened at the facility. He said that it looks as if much of the shop's interior and workshop has been totally destroyed.

The roof seemed to be gone, and there was a massive team of people doing hazardous materials cleanup because of the batteries and other components that burned in the fire.

As many as 30 Tesla vehicles have been lost in the fire, but the number may be higher. The cause of the fire is not revealed yet because the investigation is still ongoing. Gruber has not released an official statement about what happened yet.

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