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MacBook Pro pre-orders have now officially started shipping. Apple indicated that they were preparing to ship the first 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops earlier this week.

The first orders are estimated to be shipped to customers on Oct. 26. Meanwhile, shipping estimates for new orders placed on Oct. 25 through the Apple Store Online continue to slip later this year till early 2022.

MacBook Pro Pre-Orders Ship Date

If you check your current order status through the Apple Store Online or Apple Store app, some users see that their MacBook Pro pre-order is still "preparing to ship," while some of the orders have already changed to the "shipped" status.

If your order still shows that it is "preparing to ship" through the Apple Store, you can also review its status through the UPS website, according to 9to5Mac.

Some people are seeing that their Apple Store order show as "preparing to ship," even though the package is already in the UPS system.

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In order to do this, you can either enroll in the UPS My Choice platform or use the "Track by Reference Number" feature.

The reference number is the phone number listed on your Apple order or your order number that does not have the last two digits.

Not all orders have been transferred to UPS, so it is better to check the status over the next few days if you can't find yours yet.

UPS has also made some changes to the "Track by Reference Number" feature. This is to limit the "display of reference number tracking details for better security." This means that you can enroll in the UPS My Choice platform for better chances.

Shipping Times for New Orders

Meanwhile, as the first pre-orders start shipping to buyers, Apple's shipping estimates for new orders continue to be pushed back and are inched closer to 2022 for some configurations, according to MacRumors.

For the 14-inch MacBook Pro, both of the stock configurations are now showing delivery dates between Nov. 16 and Nov. 23. Meanwhile, select custom configurations with higher-spec options are scheduled to deliver as late as Dec. 16.

As for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, all three stock configurations are now showing delivery dates between Nov. 23 and Dec. 1. Choose higher-end configurations are back-ordered even further, with some showing delivery dates of Dec. 23.

MacBook Pro TidBits

The 16-inch MacBook Pro configured with the M1 Max chip feature a new High Power Mode to maximize the performance for intensive workloads. High Power Mode can't be seen in other laptop models, according to TechRadar.

Just like the Pro Display XDR, the new MacBook Pro displays have a maximum brightness of 500 nits for standard SDR content. The new MacBook Pro's 1,600 nits of full-screen brightness are for HDR content only.

As for the Face ID, Apple stated that consumers love the experience of using Touch ID on the Mac for everything, from unlocking their Mac laptop, filling in passwords online, changing their accounts, and making secure purchases with Apple Pay.

The new MacBook Pro laptops will also have ports, which is a feature that Apple removed previously.

However, the tech giant stated that it has nothing to announce about its plans for Face ID on MacBook.

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