Apple faces a class-action lawsuit from a significant number of users that have complained about the M1 MacBook Pro and Air laptops having display hardware defects that cause them to crack. These users claimed that it was not human error or their fault why their screens cracked and that it was the integrity or defect of the device itself. 

MacBooks are getting upgraded this year, says leaks and a known Apple insider, but it has not quite joined the recently concluded September Fall event, which brought the popular iPhone 13 to release to the public. Nevertheless, the year is not yet over, and Apple was known to previously hold separate events for its different devices last 2020. 

Apple Lawsuit: Defective Hardware Display

MacBook Display Issues
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A lawsuit has been filed against Apple, and it is a class-action where users have claimed that the display on the 2020 M1 MacBook for both the 13-inch Pro and Air models has a defect. 

To be more specific, its display hardware is the flawed one, especially as a lot of users have claimed that their display is cracking and causing it to be unusable. 

The case is not isolated, particularly because there are a significant number of complaints that have come together against Apple and their M1 MacBook, which is asking for its fixing. Moreover, Apple is accused of "fraudulent" business practices, "deceptive" marketing, and misconduct in handling its customer support. 

Allegedly, Apple practices fraud and deception with regards to the marketing of their M1 MacBook Pro and Air, something which the members of the affected have claimed via the lawsuit. However, the court has given Apple 30 days for investigation and talking with those that went against the company or would elapse in seeking damages. 

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Are M1 MacBooks Defective?

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Apple MacBook pro

Apple's website markets the MacBook Air and Pro as a brilliantly-created laptop that has high specs and quality engineering from top to bottom, and inside out. Of course, as far as marketing goes, the company would boast of the features and specs of the M1 MacBook to sell and appeal to the public. 

However, what it did not talk about was it display integrity and flaws. The lawsuit is now targetting Apple's "business practices," as well as a deception to the public with regards to marketing their device. 

The world would almost reach a year now, with its M1 MacBooks being available to the public since its last release in November and availability towards December 2020. Since then, there have been small complaints against it, but not as massive as this specific lawsuit. 

MacBook Pro Upcoming Model?

Macbook Air / Unsplash
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The upcoming model of the M1 MacBook Pro and Air would have fewer bezels and a facial recognition sensor underneath. That being said, it would have more sensitive display hardware, which would possibly be more prone to breaking or cracking.

That being said, Apple should test out their device and provide precautions for this. 

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