Animals should be given enough attention and necessities daily. As owners, we are responsible for the condition of our pets. In some cases, our pets could lose their way accidentally even though they are at home.

Now, tracking our lost pets is made easier thanks to technology. Several applications could help us in knowing their exact location.

For that, we got you covered for an article about the best pet tracker apps that you need to download at this moment.

Best Apps For Missing Pets 2021

Best Pet Tracker Apps For Lost Animals 2021 | Monitoring Location Made Easier
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Here are the best pet tracker apps for this year including Shadow, Pawscout, and more.


According to a report by I Love Veterinary, Pawboost is a convenient online tool for sharing lost pets' locations. Specifically, you will receive an alert about the exact region where your pet is found through this app.

With the help of Facebook, a missing pet will be reunited with its owner. You could allot some money to keep the ads from boosting your search on the platform.

The app works in three ways. First, there is a Pawboost-owned Facebook page. Next, through an email, there will be a notification sent to the local rescue squad members. Lastly, the user could now add the pet to the "Lost and Found" section of the application.


For iOS and Android users who have recently lost their pets, the Pawscout application could solve your problem and worries soon. This tracking app boasts an extensive range of capabilities, including location history, walk track, a worldwide map view, and other features.

Pawscout will also inform you about the usual pet spots where animals frequently visit. You can know the particular locations that your pet loves to go to.

The app also features a Pet Social Network, which will tour you to a plethora of pets roaming around the location. The tracker is capable of identifying the real-time location of your pet.

Pawscout is available for free, but you can purchase its Pro version to unlock more features. There is a bonus battery feature for the premium plan, per Geek Flare's report.


This top-notch pet location tracker is now accessible in both Whistle Go, and Whistle Go Explore models. Aside from being a good animal tracker, this will also help you know more about the health of your pet.

Once your pet moves, the app will tap you about its whereabouts. In just a few seconds, this app will be able to find your missing location. 

Besides GPS, you could use this app with either WIFI or mobile data. Most importantly, you will identify the safe zones for your furry buddy.

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Fur parents can now use this reliable app for finding their lost pets. This application makes use of technology, as well as the collaborative efforts of other people.

For instance, one pet owner named Brad is seeking an efficient way to find his lost pet. After 38 days, he successfully spotted the missing animal from a community of pet parents.

The participation of pet owners with the app makes the search-and-rescue operation for the lost animals quicker.

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