Is Tesla Cybertruck Better Than Ford F-150? Here's an Advanced Spec-by-Spec Comparison
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Ford's F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck is selling like hotcakes during its preorder sales, as it has already surged to 160,000 reservations and counting. The electric pickup of Ford is the first of its kind, and it would go against the existing and growing market for EV trucks present in the market, promising them power and cargo-hauling features for clean energy.

Ford F-150 Preorder Surge: 160,000 Units and Counting

Is Tesla Cybertruck Better Than Ford F-150? Here's an Advanced Spec-by-Spec Comparison
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @cole_marzen)

Ford has a lot of preorders on its hands, and it is with the company's upcoming electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning, that is soon coming to the public. The vehicle is under production after its unveiling earlier this year, and according to Tech Crunch, the company has already received as much as 160,000 units of preorders from interested buyers. 

The number is currently rising, as a lot of people are looking forward to the release of the electric vehicle soon, under the platform that a lot of people are already familiar with. The F-150 trucks are known to be one of the top pickup trucks to sell in America, and it has been a mainstay on Ford's vehicle lineup in the past years. 

The Ford F-150 is popular because of its platform, as well as an affordable car at below $40,000 only. 

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Ford F-150 Lightning EV Release Date

 The Q2 report of Ford from June has already listed a massive surge in preorders, and in the present, it is only rising, showing that a lot of people want the electric car from the American brand. Currently, it does not have a concrete release date, but it is speculated to be at around mid to late 2022, bordering to 2023 if there are problems with its production. 

Ford vs. Other Electric Pickups

Ford may be a little late in the electric pickup venture, but it has still brought its first outing of the vehicle in time to catch up against industry rivals that already presented their take on the EV trucks. Tesla is most notable with its Cybertruck, while another startup, Rivian, also has staggering popularity with its R1T vehicle coming this year

However, the list does not stop there. Lordstown is also debuting with its Endurance electric pickup that still does not have its release date, while in 2022, the famed Hummer EV from General Motors is coming. Currently, there are five in the competition, and three of these are known to be car giants in the industry of motor vehicles. 

Ford has a lot to catch up on, as these vehicles are known to have massive technological features to offer, and they bring different features that complement the release of their vehicles. Not a lot is known for Ford's F-150 Lightning, but the platform alone is known to be an American favorite, being one of the top-selling pickup truck variants in the world. 

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