Police Warns that Tesla Owners Could be Targeted by Professional Thieves
(Photo : Image from Jp Valery Unsplash) Police Warns that Tesla Owners Could be Targeted by Professional Thieves

The official Norway police have warned sure Tesla owners that professional thieves could target them. The warning was given just shortly after a number of Tesla vehicles suddenly disappeared. The police, as of the moment, still do not know how these professional thieves were able to unlock and start the cars.

Tesla Model S Cars Stolen

According to the story by Engadget, just recently, there were two Tesla Model S cars that were stolen in the towns Jesshlm and Frogner, which were near Oslo in Norway. These cars were reportedly stolen even though the keys were still in possession of the car owners.

The police have officially issued a warning to local Tesla owners within the region. As of the moment, the department still does not know how the cars were stolen. The police now believe the theft to be the work of professional thieves.

Police Warns Tesla Owners

The police released a statement on Twitter that they have received reports regarding the thefts of two Tesla Model S units from private courtyards during the night. Also, the car owners still have their kid cards.


The police then advised owners of similar cars to remain vigilant as there could probably be professional thieves within the district. A certain previous report also showed that stolen Tesla vehicles in the United States have almost been able to recover 112 of the stolen cars out of 115.

PIN to Drive Feature

In Europe, however, things are said to be a little more complicated. Some more sophisticated thieves have reportedly managed a string of different Tesla vehicle thefts throughout relay attacks over the course of the years. 

As of the moment, it was stated that most of the vehicles have not yet been revealed. In response to those particular attacks, Tesla then started rolling out certain extra layers of security along with improved cryptography key fobs and the optional PIN to Drive feature.

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Tesla Password Requirement

If a certain owner activates the car's PIN to Drive function, anyone entering the car will then know the car's pin in order to drive away. To access this function, go to Controls, click on Safety and Security, and select PIN to Drive.

It was noted that the owner would then be able to track the car through the use of the Tesla app. Owners are still able actually to disable tracking in their settings option. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was directly linked in a land grabbing case in Texas.

However, Tesla pushed an update sometime in 2020 to require users to enter their Tesla account password to disable tracking. This would make it a lot tougher to steal a Tesla vehicle.

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