Subaru vs Tesla Unveils Its Very First EV | Introducing the Solterra SUV
(Photo : Image from Tim Frost on Unsplash) Subaru vs Tesla Unveils Its Very First EV | Introducing the Solterra SUV

While Tesla remains a prominent name in the electric vehicle space, other companies are starting to move into the EV industry as well. Subaru is now preparing to launch its very first EV called the 2022 Solterra SUV.

2022 Subaru Solterra

According to the story by The Verge, the 2022 Subaru Solterra is reportedly the Japanese automaker's very first electric vehicle. The EV is set to come to Canada, Europe, and the United States in 2022.

What makes the car more interesting is that the Solterra SUV will reportedly be powered by a certain eclectic vehicle platform that Subaru has co-developed along with Toyota. The Solterra will reportedly come in both a front-wheel as well as an all-wheel-drive variant.

329 and 286 Mile Range

Buyers will reportedly choose the 150kW with 201 horsepower AC synchronized motor drive that uses the front wheel. Another option is to choose a pair of 80kW with a 107 horsepower motor. The second option will have one 80kW powering each axle, resulting in 160kW with 214 horsepower.

Both motors will reportedly sport a 71.4kWh battery located beneath the vehicle's floor, which according to the estimates by Subaru, will supply about 530km or 329 miles of range on the WLTC standard over in Japan. The all-wheel-drive version will get a whopping 460km or 286 miles of range.

Toyota BZ4X Battery Charging

When the EV's battery runs low, the Subaru Solterra will be able to support DC fast charging going up to 150kW, although the company did not provide an estimate regarding how long it will take. Toyota reportedly stated that its BZ4X, which is also built on the exact same EV platform, will only take 30 minutes in order to get to 80% of the EV's capacity.

The Toyota BZ4X is also set to launch in 2022 and is expected to be built on the shared platform. The shared platform by Toyota and Subaru is called e-TNGA for Toyota and e-Subaru for Subaru.

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BZ4X and Solterra Similarities

Not like BZ4X, however, Solterra now appears to have a normal interior as well as the steering wheel. Subaru noted that just like its other gas-powered SUVs, the new Solterra would reportedly be featuring the company's X-Mode AWD control system that actually enhances the sense of security for the vehicle on rough roads.

The company has also added a brand new "Grip Control function." This new function helps the vehicle run at a constant speed while also stabilizing the vehicle despite driving on rough roads. This capacity was noted to be further enhanced.

When the EV comes out in 2022, The Verge states that Subaru will no doubt be competing directly with Rivian for its own customer base of other outdoorsy adventure-type vehicles. The company has not yet revealed the starting price for the new Solterra. The Verge, however, notes that the Solterra price could be less high compared to the Rivian R1S SUV.

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