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Amazon's Ring announced that it released Christmas-themed Quick Replies. The video doorbell's automatic answering feature can add some holiday cheer.

Instead of the usual replies and messages, you can have your Ring greet your visitors and have it say that you are busy wrapping presents or you're busy shopping for Christmas gifts. You can also program it to thank delivery workers for bringing your orders to your door.

Amazon Ring's Holiday Chimes

According to Ring, the Quick Replies can be accessed on every Ring doorbell. The feature may be free, but you will need to sign up for the Ring Protection plan so that your visitor's greetings will be recorded.

Just like in the past years, you have the option to set Christmas carols such as "Jingle Bells," "Deck the Halls," or "Oh Hanukkah" as your doorbell's tone.

Amazon's Ring is working on building a wide range of holiday-themed ringtones and Quick Replies. In October, it added scary tones and replies to celebrate Halloween.

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There is a possibility that Ring will add love songs to its list of ringtones around Valentine's Day next year, and it may give users an option to have their Ring greet their guests a happy New Year, according to The Verge. 

Black Friday Deal

Since its launch in 2018, Ring has become the leader in the video doorbell market. As an Amazon-owned company, the device is included in the e-commerce's Black Friday deals.

If you wish to get your own Ring device, you can get one now for only $39. That is $20 off from its original retail price of $59. This is the first time the Ring Video Doorbell is discounted to this degree for Black Friday.

The supply is limited at this reduced retail price, so it is best to get it early.

Why Ring Video Doorbell is Well-Received

The Ring Video Doorbell is the ideal device for anyone who is looking to upgrade their doorbell to something that is more modern and one that can give them security, according to Tom's Guide.  

Ring is known for its budget-friendly price and amazing features powered by Amazon. It has a compact design and a decent 1080p video quality. It also comes with an app that lets you review all of the videos that the device has captured.

Earlier this year, Amazon Ring worked with more than 2,000 government agencies to solve crimes.

The Ring device may be inexpensive, but there are add-ons that you need to subscribe to in order to use the device to its full potential.

If you wish to hear the sound of the doorbell whenever someone is at your door, you need to purchase a Ring Chime that will cost you $29.99. You will also need to purchase a Ring Protection plan for video recording.

The Ring Protection plan costs $3 a month or $30 a year. If you add up all costs, the device is a more pricey investment than you might first think. Thanks to the $20 discount for Black Friday, you can own one at a much lower price.

Despite its amazing features, Amazon Ring suffered a hiccup last year when 350,000 units were recalled after it was discovered to be a fire hazard. Luckily, Amazon could fix the issue and continued to sell the device.

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