iPad Used to Find for Father and Daughter When Their Plane Crashed
(Photo : Image from Leslie Cross on Unsplash) iPad Used to Find for Father and Daughter When Their Plane Crashed

Rescuers used an iPad to find a father and daughter whose plane crashed. Rescuers found a 58-year-old man and his 13-year-old daughter by using the daughter's iPad's cellular connection to find them.

iPad Used to Locate Victims of a Plane Crash

An article by CNN reports that an iPad has recently been credited with helping rescuers find a man and his daughter after their plane crashed in Pennsylvania. On November 14, a father was flying a single-engine plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, according to the local State Police.

A five-hour search followed where rescuers tried to find the plane's two passengers, a father and his daughter. Rescue teams started a grid search inside the heavily wooded area around the last location that the aircraft was detected.

Five-Hour Search Conducted by the United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

The United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center conducted the five-hour search with around 30 volunteers, according to Business Insider. After a little progress, they were able to find the pilot's iPad through the search. Once rescuers found the iPad, they were able to identify the pilot and contacted his wife, who then provided them with his cell phone number.

The Bear Creek Volunteer Hose Company with Chief James Serafin stated to CNN. According to Serafin, people don't really hear of survivors, especially within a heavily wooded area from what he heard and saw.

Chief Serafin Described the Incident as a 'Miracle'

The rescuers had to go through the trees along with everything else until they found what the chief described as a "miracle." The rescue team was then able to ping the cell phone and found that the daughter brought an iPad used to ping signals to find them.

After the rescuers got coordinated, they could locate the father and daughter. The authorities decided to use the iPad's cellular connection to narrow down the coordinates of the passengers' location.

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Father and Daughter Found in the Pre-Hypothermic States

This then enabled the rescuers to find them in a heavily wooded area around seven miles away from where they took off. According to the story by MacRumors, the single-engine plane took off from the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport.

As of the moment, the passengers are still recovering from minor injuries sustained from the plane crash. The iPad was then credited with potentially saving the lives of the father and his daughter. Both passengers were found huddling together, trying to stay warm and in pre-hypothermic states while only suffering minor injuries, according to PhoneArena.

Apple always sells both cellular and WiFi versions of its iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. Like the Apple Watch and iPhone, having a cellular on the iPad turned out to be a life-saving technology in extreme scenarios.

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