Microsoft's Cindy Rose, who currently sits as the President of Western Europe of the tech giant, rose from the ladder of multiple tech firms before earning her massive role today.

#TechCEO:​​ Microsoft’s Cindy Rose and Her Rise Up the Ladder
(Photo : screenshot from Cindy Rose's LinkedIn profile )
#TechCEO: Meet Microsoft’s Cindy Rose and her rise up the ladder in the tech giant.

Microsoft's Cindy Rose

Rose joined Microsoft way back in July 2016 after she was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of its United Kingdom division of the tech behemoth.

However, before entering Microsoft and joining its top ranks, Rose used to work for giant firms like The Walt Disney Company, Virgin Media in London, and Vodafone in the UK, as per

Cindy Rose Before Microsoft

To be precise, Rose used to be the Managing Director of the Consumer division of Vodafone in the UK before she moved to Microsoft to hold the CEO position.

During the stint of the now Microsoft exec in Vodafone, she led the launch of the new service offerings of the British telecom firm, including its broadband and Vodafone TV expansions.

On top of that, Rose also spearheaded the massive increase of the retail store branches of Vodafone to more than 500 stores from the previous estate of only about 350 physical stores.

In addition to that, the former Managing Director of Vodafone did not only expand its products and service, the lady boss fascinatingly stopped the revenue decline of the firm as well.

Rose's Education

It is to note that Rose's education is also an impressive feat. She graduated from both Columbia University and the New York Law School or NYLS.

The bachelor's degree of Microsoft exec from Barnard College focused on Political Science and Government. On the other hand, her Doctor of Law from the NYLS centers on International Business.

Cindy Rose and Disney

After graduating from the NYLS, Rose decided to leave New York in favor of the UK, wherein she practiced at a law firm in London, Allen & Overy.

She then joined The Walt Disney Company with multiple role changes during her stay, starting from serving as the Vice President for Legal & Government Relations. Later on, she took up higher posts, such as the Regional Managing Director and the Senior Vice President of the Disney Interactive Media Group.

Cindy Rose and Virgin Media

Rose went on to leave Disney as she moved to Virgin Media in 2009 to become the Executive Director for its Digital Entertainment. It took her three years before she changed firms again to join Vodafone.

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Cindy's Microsoft Stint

Last Sept. 9, 2020, Microsoft appointed Rose to serve as its President of Western Europe, which effectively starts on Oct. 1, 2020.

#TechCEO:​​ Microsoft’s Cindy Rose and Her Rise Up the Ladder
(Photo : by GERARD JULIEN/AFP via Getty Images)
The logo of French headquarters of American multinational technology company Microsoft, is pictured outside on March 6, 2018 in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, a Paris' suburb.

Rose wrote on her LinkedIn post that her new role with the tech firm is an exciting move for her.

She further said that she is "absolutely thrilled to take on this new challenge overseeing an area that spans 14 countries in Europe and I'm grateful for the opportunity to lead and learn from this very talented team of colleagues.

Meanwhile, her post as the CEO of Microsoft UK is also notable as Rose noted their team's rapid response in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, which took the world by surprise.

What's more, during her stint as the CEO, she also continued to exert efforts to maintain a more inclusive work culture.

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