A PS5 restock wave is slated to arrive on PS Direct on Monday, Nov.22. The catch here is only those who received the emails could score the console since it is an invite-only event.

If you want to find out further instructions about this PS5 restock schedule, here's everything you need to know.

PS5 PS Direct Invite-Only: How to Sign Up?

PS Direct Invite-Only PS5 Restock to Kick Off on Nov.22 | What to Expect for Argos, BT, and Other UK Stores
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PS Direct Invite-Only PS5 Restock to Kick Off on Nov.22 | What to Expect for Argos, BT, and Other UK Stores

According to a report by Spiel Times, the restock is scheduled to take place on Monday, Nov.22, at around 2 PM ET(1 PM CST or 11 AM PT). The PS5 restock as part of PS Direct's invite-only event will be requiring the buyers to sign up through this link to increase their chances of receiving an exclusive email from the online store.

If you haven't yet signed up, or this is just your first time landing on this page, don't forget to visit the link for more information.

Apparently, you can get PlayStation 5 consoles not only from PS Direct but also from Walmart, which is releasing supplies this week.

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What to Do After Receiving PS Direct Link?

Spiel Times indicated in the same report that once you receive an email, you can check a link there. After that, tap the "Access event" button, which will direct you to the invite-only event. 

From 2 PM ET- 7 PM ET, you can browse the store and purchase a PS5. The retailer would sell consoles to the customers until the supplies last.

Last week, we saw success in the PS5 restocks for the major retailers such as Sony Direct and Walmart in the United States. However, the supplies only lasted for a few minutes. 

At the time of the report, some Walmart buyers complained about the problems during the checkout. Some said that they encountered glitches, slow loading pages, and other website-related issues.

PS5 UK Restock Update 

Expect more shipments of PS5 consoles this month as we could see another PlayStation 5 supply from prominent UK stores such as Argos, John Lewis, and BT.

In the next 72 hours, we could anticipate the arrival of the PlayStation 5 shipments on BT. But wait, there's more news coming about the potential console drops across the country. 

Besides BT, John Lewis is said to be holding a PS5 restock event for this week. Moreover, the UK retailers such as Argos, Game, Amazon UK, and Currys could join the restock trend before the year ends, per Express.

There's also news about the PlayStation Direct, which is expected to arrive next month, Dec.23. It's important to consider that this is just a tentative date since delays in the shipments could happen at any time.

For more PS5 restock news, you can browse over our previous article about the PlayStation 5 restock locations in the UK, the US, and Canada.

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