PS5 Restock Tracker: What Stores You Should Visit if You Miss Walmart, PS Direct Drops
(Photo : Kerde Severin from Unsplash) PS5 Restock Tracker: What Stores You Should Visit if You Miss Walmart, PS Direct Drops

PS5 restocks are selling out faster than customers could anticipate. The recent drops from Walmart and PlayStation Direct have a lot of stories to tell for the fans, especially since some of them have missed this opportunity once again.

Of course, it's not the end of the world if you haven't obtained a console from either of the two stores. The good news is you can score the PS5 Digital and Standard Edition beginning on Thursday, Nov. 25, but we have an important reminder, especially for Walmart buyers.

You will need to have a Walmart Plus subscription so you wouldn't feel the hassle in your purchase. 

Still, you could go to the following retailers that we will share later for a chance to grab PlayStation 5. Here's everything you need to know about this report.

PS5 Restocks Now Sold Out on Walmart

PS5 Restock Tracker: What Stores You Should Visit if You Miss Walmart, PS Direct Drops
(Photo : Kerde Severin from Unsplash)
PS5 Restock Tracker: What Stores You Should Visit if You Miss Walmart, PS Direct Drops

The Verge reported on Monday, Nov. 22, that PS5 stocks on Walmart have been sold out. The tech publication said that it would keep the readers posted once they hear another delivery of paywalled PlayStation 5 restocks.

Apparently, getting the next-gen console is becoming even harder, especially as we approach the holiday season. Customers should know that the demand for PS5 remains high at the moment. 

Sony has not yet addressed the issue of the supply shortage. Earlier this month, Tech Times reported that the console maker is suffering from a chip crisis which led them to decrease its sales goal to 14.8 million PS5 units. 

With that, we could see that an increasing number of bots and scalpers are ruining the supply chain once again. This scenario could only leave a few PS5 stocks for the customers to buy.

To prevent bots from exploiting the system, several retailers made use of security protection during PS5 restocks. However, that does not entirely help the customers, as these restrictions have only a limited impact on the resellers.

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PS5 Restock Tracker

CNET listed on its latest report that the PS5 retailers below held a restock on the following dates. Check this out to see if your favorite store would drop consoles for this week or the upcoming month.

  • Antonline: Oct. 28

  • Target: Oct. 20, 27, and Nov. 19

  • Best Buy: Nov. 8, 11, and 15

  • GameStop: Oct. 22, 26, and 29

  • Amazon: Oct. 26

  • Verizon: Nov. 17

  • PlayStation Direct: Oct. 20, 21, 22, and Nov. 9, 11,17, 18, and 22

  • Walmart: Oct. 28, and Nov. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16, and 22

Recommended Stores to Visit For Next PS5 Drops

In a similar report from CNET, you can visit these stores if you miss your chance of purchasing PS5 from Walmart and PS Direct. 

Amazon PS5 Restock

PS5 supplies on Amazon could possibly roll out soon. We know that the Prime membership from this retailer will give you quick access to a potential Ps5 restock. However, it's not always a requirement.

Just make sure you sign up for the Treasure Truck program so that you can receive a text regarding the availability of PS5 stocks.

Target PS5 Restock

The most common scenario on Target is seeing the PS5 standard edition more often than its digital edition. We assume that the retailer is not yet ready for an untimely console release. Regularly check its website for a potential surprise drop.

GameStop PS5 Restock

When holding a PS5 restock event, GameStop's supplies are always sold out after a few minutes. If you want to get ahead of others, subscribe to the PowerUp Rewards Pro so you can have an advantage during check-out.

Best PS5 Restock

We could share just one tip for Best Buy fans: make sure to have a Totaltech subscription so you can get the console an hour earlier than the regular launch.

Newegg PS5 Restock

While PS5 supplies are rare to see in Newegg, there's a chance that you can obtain PlayStation 5 on its websites if you pay closely. Usually, people consider this as a second option if they miss the opportunity from the major stores.


You can find a lot of PS5 consoles here, but make sure to ready your money for scalpers.


When you finish shopping and end up with nothing from other stores, visit StockX if you want to get PS5 immediately. Again, be careful of scammers on this site.

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