Pokemon GO's World Championship Series is said to be coming soon, and its Season 10 is arriving this December, bringing new content and things to look forward to when playing the popular AR game. Niantic Labs and Nintendo are gearing up for a busy December, as the holidays tend to attract more trainers because of the many offers and events of the game.

'Pokemon GO' World Championship Series is Coming

"Pokemon GO" is debuting a new "World Championship Series" that would bring competition into the game, something that would invite a professional gaming focus into the game. It may be so that this is a prelude to an e-Sports event for "Pokemon GO," something which can also be achieved because of this World Championship Series.

The series is coming by 2022, and a lot of preparations are now made by the developers and game creators, focusing on the upcoming competitive platform from the company. It was not fully discussed by Niantic and the Pokemon Company yet, but it is foreshadowing a massive trainer competition soon.

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'Pokemon GO' Season 10 is Arriving This December

Season 10 is here, and it would bring a lot of leagues that players can participate in and grow their trainer status in the game, bringing more items, rewards, and improvements. Officially, Season 10 is starting this Monday, November 29, at 1 PM PST, bringing the latest content of the popular AR game.

Different leagues are here, including that of Great League, Great League Remix, Ultra League, Ultra League Remix, Holiday Cup, Sinnoh Cup, UL Premier Classic, Master League, ML Premier Classic, Love Cup, and the Johto Cup.

'Pokemon GO's' Popularity Now

"Pokemon GO" remains a popular application that has attracted a lot of users in the country now, especially during these times that AR and VR are the most popular things in the market now because of the "metaverse." The different offers of the company, like its latest Shinx Community Day, bring a treat for all gamers, bringing forth extra earnings while roaming around.

There have been leaks that the "Pokemon Sword and Shield" will be integrated into "Pokemon GO" and it is a massive crossover or change in the game's content, especially as it brings more into the AR Game. The focus of "Pokemon GO" is one of the earliest integrations of the world into augmented reality, close to the concept of the metaverse.

Since Niantic Labs is focusing on a cryptocurrency game that has a hint of the metaverse on it, "Pokemon GO" could soon play a huge role in bringing this to life or being featured as one of its branches. Despite its long release date years ago, the game remains popular and a treat for trainers and enthusiasts to enjoy, integrating Pokemon into real life.

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