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In 2020, Google listings got more details and attributions to let better potential customers learn about an establishment before visiting. Google Maps and Search now lets healthcare providers list all of the insurance they accept.

Google Feature for Healthcare Providers

The Business Profiles for healthcare providers are not different from the other listings that include the photos, official website, and reviews of establishments.

What makes Business Profiles different is that it has an option for people to schedule appointments and healthcare providers can list their available services for customers to see.

In the United States, healthcare providers can get a Check Insurance Info feature below their operating hours. This will open a page that shows different private and employer-funded insurance, including Medicare.

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For users, this is more convenient as they no longer have to dig around the hospital websites to know which provider they accept, according to 9to5Google.

When looking for a specific healthcare provider, users can check which insurance networks that they accept. Users can filter providers who accept Medicare, a health plan used by the majority of Americans.

Healthcare providers can also mention the languages that are spoken at the establishment. Google offers Spanish and other languages.

To push for the adoption of the feature and to get more information, Google is currently conducting checks to make sure that the details of the local doctors are all up to date.

The company is also encouraging healthcare providers to update their Business Prole, especially their phone numbers and operating hours. The update will involve a verification process.

Navigating the healthcare system in the United States can be difficult, so it is no wonder that 3 in 4 Americans go online first to search for health information, according to Mashable.

Google Maps Expansion

Aside from an update feature that healthcare providers can use, Google has expanded Maps to make it easier to find incredible spots. In November, Google added new features for its Google Maps service just in time for the holidays.

The company expanded Maps so you can find the hottest Christmas markets, plazas, and fairs. You can also navigate through malls and airports easily with the rollout of navigation inside these establishments, according to The Verge.

Some cities around the United States are getting more details on the price range for restaurants and better information for faster grocery store pickup.

The feature works well on squares, museums, and other popular places. The feature is available around the world so users on iOS and Android will get an update to their apps.

The navigation feature is helpful because it can save you time and decrease your stress during the holidays. Most airports and malls already have the stores in the app. When you zoom close enough in the app, you will see directions that are crowded.

Users in the United States will be happy to learn that the delivery pickup option launched in Portland is now expanding to 2,000 store locations in 30 states. It includes famous stores such as Ralphs, Kroger, Fry's, and Marianos.

Google was able to fix the bug on Google Maps earlier this year before expanding the feature for healthcare providers.

Earlier this year, Google rolled an AI that shows eco-friendly routes with the same estimated arrival time as the fastest route.

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