Elon Musk Confirms SpaceX Starship's First Orbital Test Flight as He Shares Rocket's Photos
(Photo : Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

SpaceX's Starship Orbital Launchpad has begun its construction now at Cape Canaveral, Florida, particularly at the Kennedy Space Station and Launch Complex. This is miles away from its original launch facility at Starbase, Boca Chica, Texas, where its original tower and catcher reside. There was no explanation by the CEO why there is another launch facility.

SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch Pad Construction in Florida

Elon Musk Confirms SpaceX Starship's First Orbital Test Flight as He Shares Rocket's Photos
(Photo : Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, has mentioned in his tweet that the Orbital Launch Pad of Starship is now under construction, with its focus being the SpaceX Starship, especially for its future launches. 2022 would be massive for SpaceX as it would begin the launches and trials of Starship, together with its full-stack glory with the Super Heavy.

The SpaceX CEO has also confirmed that this would be in the company's launch facility in Cape Canaveral, located in Kennedy Space Center at Launch Complex 39A. Soon, the said facility would have the chance to launch all of SpaceX's spacecraft, from the Falcon and Dragon tandem down to the Starship and Super Heavy. 

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Why Cape Canaveral, Not Boca Chica?

It is quite noting that Boca Chica already has the Mechazilla, which the company may use to launch the Starship, but what it does not have is the tarmac-like loading dock yet. It is unknown if SpaceX would go into that, especially with the towering height of the Starship.

This does not mean that SpaceX will fully abandon its Starbase operations, only that it would have experimental launch locations.

SpaceX's Starship in Texas

The Starbase located in Boca Chica was always thought to be the center of Starship activities by SpaceX, as it had focused on its initial launch and land attempts there, with the SN15 having its first successful maneuver.

Musk initially teased that Starbase is under construction for the creation of 'Mechazilla,' the known mount and catcher of the stainless spacecraft.

It was known to SpaceX fans that the Launch Complex 39A in the Kennedy Space Center in The Cape was where the Falcon and Dragon missions would come from, only intended for its flights. However, today's focus on this would be having the Starship on the facility as well, focusing on a more sophisticated approach for the massive rocket ship.

The focus of SpaceX for Cape Canaveral does not necessarily mean that it would leave Starbase for its operations of the Starship, something that the company would still have amidst this new venture it has.

It is quite noting that Boca Chica has the Mechazilla, the chopstick-like catcher for when the Starship would be returning to the surface, something that would be useful on its early test launches.

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