Picturing an RV back in the day would probably paint a picture of a regular van-type semi-trailer, but now, the tables have turned as RV owners have become more and more creative with building their mobile homes. With that, a vintage plane was then turned into a luxury RV, with the total project costing $20,000.

Turning a Childhood Dream Into Reality

According to the story by HackerDay, a lot of people remember when as a kid, they would want to combine everything, just like lions and tigers creating ligers and so on. With this, some kids already dream of creating transportation hybrids.

An eight-year-old by heart, Gino Lucci, currently an Air Force retiree, had the dream to combine both an airplane fuselage as well as a delivery truck as per uk.motor1.com

Converting a 1943 Douglas R4D Military Transport Aircraft

Out in a rusting field somewhere in Rolla, Missouri, there it was, the vintage plane that would then start Gino's path to fulfill his childhood dream. The project began when Gino's son found the body of a vintage 1943 Douglas R4D military transport aircraft.

Over the course of the year, Gino and his sons started fusing the fuselage to the chassis of another International DuraStor 4400 medium-duty truck. With that, Gino and his boys decided to spend a lot of time putting the two together by cutting away the fuselage in stages until they finally got everything right.

Introducing the Fabulous Flamingo

After the hybrid vehicle finally became roadworthy, it took another two years to work out the other kinks. The hybrid vehicle is called the Fabulous Flamingo which is a whopping 11.6 meters long while standing 3.81 meters tall.

Sadly, however, the hybrid vehicle's width is apparently just half an inch or about 1.27cm under the street-legal definition in Michigan. They also used the plane's engine cowlings to act as fenders and used mirrors off of a classic 70s' Ford pickup.

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Total Hybrid Plane RV Cost $20,000 to Build

As per Hackaday, the build costs a total of $20,000 all told. With that, the whole video can be seen on Barcroft Cars YouTube. As per Gino, they had to build the plane/truck thrice before they were able to make everything come into place.

As per Gino, when they bought it, the plane's condition was "very poor," with them having to take the plane apart before finally bringing everything to work together. To add, the hybrid plane RV is complete with the plane's door, cockpit, and overhead panel.

The plane's intercom, as per Gino, actually still works making it a cool addition to the luxury RV. With that, the Fabulous Flamingo still keeps most of its vintage style with the modern additions that most modern restoration RVs have.


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