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Mark Zuckerberg Clarifies Statement About Holocaust Deniers Following Backlash: ‘I Personally Find Holocaust Denial Deeply Offensive’

Mark Zuckerberg has now clarified his recent statements on holocaust deniers on Facebook. He said he finds the idea of Holocaust denial deeply offensive and didn’t mean to defend the people who engage in it.

Internet July 19, 2018

Videos Capture Professor Teaching Students Moon Landing Was Fake, Other Conspiracy Theories

A sociology professor was caught on video telling students about conspiracy theories on the moon landing and the holocaust. This is not the first time he is being investigated for his claims.

Feature | Science June 15, 2018

Google Updates Search Algorithm To Keep Holocaust-Denying Results At Bay

Google announced that it has already taken action against a neo-Nazi websites claiming that Holocaust did not happen. This entailed a recent tweak on its search algorithm but was it effective?

Google December 28, 2016

Auschwitz Museum Recovers Thousands Of Holocaust Victims' Items After 50 Years

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has recovered more than 16,000 missing items that belonged to people imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The objects were tracked down to a storeroom at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Life & Style June 9, 2016

'My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me': Black German Woman Discovers She's Related To Nazi Commandant

Jan. 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In observance of the tragic events, Jennifer Teege shared how she discovered that she is related by blood to one of the most sadistic Nazi commandants under Hitler.

Society January 30, 2016

Auschwitz 70 Years After: Survivors Recall Stories of Death Camp, Survival, and Liberation

Some Holocaust survivors tell their stories as the 70th anniversary of their liberation draws near.

Feature January 26, 2015

Piecing Together History: Teen Recreates Nazi Holocaust in Lego

UK teen creates a Nazi Timeline completely out of Lego for a school project.

Geek January 16, 2015

Republican Lawmaker Apologizes for Obama-Hitler Comparison on Twitter

Rep. Randy Weber apologized for comparing Obama to Hitler when he sent out a tweet. The message was meant to criticize the U.S. president for not joining the unity rally against terrorism in Paris on Sunday.

Society January 14, 2015

Photos show Jewish life before the Holocaust in a new digital archive

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the International Center for Photography have launched a new digital archive. The collection shows photographer Roman Vishniac's work documenting Jewish life.

Internet Culture September 4, 2014

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