Patents have started to pop up regarding Apple's first self-driving car. These patents reveal features like an external display telling other drivers and pedestrians whenever the car is running on autonomous mode.

Apple Patent Paperwork Reveals a Warning System

According to the story by, the patent paperwork goes into detail about a warning system that includes a light and text display on the exterior of the car that will indicate when the vehicle is being driven in driverless mode. The display may also include information such as the speed the car is currently running.

An article by Patently Apple provided a rundown of the patent applications that was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office. In addition, the website notes that the long-awaited Apple Car could have sensors that "gather information on vehicle speed, position, and orientation."

Information Relayed to People Outside the Vehicle Through External Displays

The feature will relay the information to people outside via external displays. Images that have been included in the patent application also show the data displayed as texts on screens while custom lighting configurations appear in other diagrams.

Per the publication, this will be similar to how standard brake lights works. Screens or light panels along with symbols can likewise be implemented.

Apple Car to Take Suitable Action Including 'Audible Output'

The car can potentially give information regarding the operating environment of the vehicle itself. They may include data that are specific to that autonomous driving session or any information that the vehicle operator has chosen to share. 

Per the diagrams included in the Apple patent application, the car may display information through exterior lighting. Whenever necessary, the car can take "suitable actions," which can even include producing "audible output" and issuing alerts.

Apple Car 'Project Titan'

Rumors have claimed that the very first "Project Titan" vehicle that will be produced by Apple can be fully autonomous. There is, however, a remaining possibility that a partially-autonomous car can also be in the making as well.

Patently Apple also notes that there is still no indication as to whether or not the driverless vehicles will be available to regular consumers or if the vehicles will first be used as commercial shuttles or taxis to start with. 

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No Potential Debut Date for the Upcoming Apple Car

As of late 2020, a certain Reuters report claimed that Apple was working on its own all-electric car. The vehicle had already been rumored for the past couple of years, but it remained unclear as to whether Apple had officially abandoned the project or not.

The brand new Apple patents seem to indicate the project is actually on track. Apple, however, has not released any information regarding the potential debut date.

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