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PS5 console may be difficult to purchase, but that does not mean that retail stores stopped releasing batches. If you are still looking for a PS5 console, you have a chance to grab on at Best Buy.

The retail store released a new batch of PS5 consoles.

PS5 is Available at Best Buy

Before you purchase a console, make sure that you are logged in to your Best Buy account and you are queued up on the site. The billing and shipping information must be saved for a faster process.

Click the button that says "Add to Cart" so you can be added to the waiting list, and just wait patiently. You no longer need to refresh the automated system. You need to verify your account as soon as it is your turn on the virtual line, according to The Verge.

Best Buy's queue system may not work well if you open several tabs, but make sure your phone is ready. If you have issues verifying the account, you can do it through the mobile app and check out once the console is added to your cart.

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Once you've gone through, you will see if there are any PS5 consoles available for pickup at Best Buy stores near you.

If you still can't purchase a console, don't worry. The retail store frequently restocks so you may see more stocks soon, according to CNET.

PS5 Prices

The PlayStation 5 costs $500, and it includes a disc drive. It lets you play both physical and digital games for the PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costs $400. Compared to the standard PS5 console, it does not include a Blu-ray disc drive, according to Tom's Guide.

Remember that signing into your Best Buy account before the restock and making sure that all of the shipping information and payment information is there can only help your chances of success.

As soon as you are in the queue for a console, all you need to do is wait patiently as you may just get through the process and finally bag a PS5.

Although Best Buy has been restocking PS5 consoles for months now, back in September, fans of the console did not hear any update for more than two weeks.

If you wish to know when Best Buy will restock PS5 consoles again, you can follow the Twitter trend. 

Must-Have PS5 Games

Whether you end up getting the console today or not, it is not a bad idea to purchase games that you want to play on your console.

The "Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart" is only $50 from its original price of $70. This is an incredible game to launch on PS5. It has incredible graphics and fast speed.

The "Deathloop" game is only $23 from its original price of $60. This is the latest release from Arcane Studios. It is an incredible game as it is an open-ended mystery that is thrilling, action-packed, and has the right amount of weird adventures.

You can also get the Sony Pulse 3D headset for only $100. It is a wireless gaming headset that also works on the PS4 console. You can also get the PlayStation Plus subscription for a year for only $36 instead of the original price of $60.

Membership allows you to play games online, download free titles monthly and take advantage of discounts on the PS Store. Owners can also get access to the collection exclusive for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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