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This week at CES 2022, Doosan Bobcat introduced their new electric compact track loaders, calling them the first of their kind to hit the market while being completely available to prospective buyers and not just a display for the trade show.

Doosan Bobcat's First Electric Track Loader

Although there are already existing electric loaders in the market, Bobcat has earned the 'world's first' title because of its features compared to other similar vehicles.

For starters, the major difference between the new Bobcat T7X and other electric track loaders is that the Bobcat is the first machine of its kind to completely eliminate all hydraulic systems, whereas other electric track loaders have only electrical components.

Note that pumps, arms, and buckets are typically operated by hydraulics. But it's not always the best grill for the mill.

A tractor works using hydraulic fluid, an unpleasant, super-thick liquid that is pumped and drained into and out of a cylinder, which pushes a piston to raise and lower the bucket.

But with Bobcat's T7X all-electrical drive system comprising electric cylinders and drive motors, you can officially say goodbye to the ghastly traditional hydraulic system.

To compare, diesel, hydraulic, and other electric models use more than 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid, but the all-electric T7X uses just one quart of so-called "eco-friendly coolant."

With the switch to electricity, the new Bobcat track loader is consuming no petroleum products.

As a result, it really is the first all-electric car in the world because it doesn't just use electricity to operate and propel its track; it is completely electric all the way.

A further advantage of ditching the hydraulic fluid is that the machine operator won't have to wait to warm up before using the track loader.

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Bobcat's All-Electric Track Loader's Success

With their T7X, the world's first-ever all-electric track loader, Bobcat has taken a huge step away from petroleum. Plus, the company is on course to maximize efficiency on job sites and vehicle electrification.

Definitely, CES 2022 saw a greener future ahead, starting with the T7X. But beyond that, Bobcat is also set to witness a boost in sales after their product announcement.

In fact, an equipment rental company with more than 1,025 locations in North America, Sunbelt Rentals, is investing in a large fleet of Bobcat T7X all-electric compact track loaders and electric compact excavators.

Sunbelt Rentals CEO Brendan Horgan said that an investment in this pioneering, all-electric technology is a good way to empower customers and communities by providing alternatives to conventional rental solutions that are less polluting and quieter.

As per Tech Times, Doosan Bobcat CEO and president Scott Park explains that the T7X aims to "help customers maximize both sustainability and productivity," all in the pursuit of building a better world.

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