A fan-made PlayStation 5 DualSense adapter now allows a player to play games using only one hand. 

Since some find using the controller quite challenging due to its weight and size, a YouTuber came up with a one-handed design for easy PS5 gaming.

3D-Printed PS5 DualSense Adapter

YouTuber Designs One-Handed PS5 DualSense Attachment For Players Who Want to Eat Snacks Without Hitting the Pause Button
(Photo : Akaki via prusaprinters)
3D-Printed DualSense Adapter

According to a report by Engadget, YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri conceptualized the idea behind playing DualSense with a single hand. Through the 3D printing process, he was able to create an attachment that connects to the left thumbstick.

Upon placing the PlayStation 5 controller on a surface, the thumbstick will move along with the controller. In addition, the right side of it will contain the replicated L1 and L2 buttons.

Moreover, another attachment will be ideal for D-pad users. This accessory would help the players to save for the Share button since they will only be relying on single-hand use.

Kuumeri said that players could reverse-fit the attachments on the other side of the DualSense since it is symmetrical. The tech YouTuber reminded that those who want to use it should "mirror" the needed materials before subjecting them to 3D printing.

For personal use, you can download all files and attachments in this link. Kuumeri submitted his 3D-printed DualSense adapter on prusaprinters.org last Jan. 2.

Last year, Tech Times reported that the Sony DualSense hinted at having a WiFi transceiver upgrade. The patent said that this feature would provide better latency for games. It mentioned that it would add a Bluetooth connection to pave way for smooth gaming controls.

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Who Would Benefit This One-Hand DualSense Attachment

YouTuber Designs One-Handed PS5 DualSense Attachment For Players Who Want to Eat Snacks Without Hitting the Pause Button
(Photo : Akaki Kuumeri via YouTube)

In the same report by Engadget, the adapter is deemed to be useful for those who encounter problems when using DualSense with two hands. To add, this creation will give more time for players to enjoy uninterrupted playing hours, especially those who pause their game during snack times.

Regarding its accessibility, Kuumeri said that his 3D-printed attachment will not affect the user's hand movement. Whether they are left or right-handed, they could still access the four (4) shoulder buttons using a single hand.

This was not the first time that a single-hand controller was made for a console. 

Several years ago, a former YouTuber named Ben Heck posted on his channel that he re-designed the Xbox One controller. He re-branded it as a single-handed controller. According to his website, he planned to make this available in September 2018.

Here are the features that he wrote at that time.

  • Improved lower analog stick that functions as a handle grip

  • More enhanced and an ergonomic secondary analog trigger 

  • No visible hot glue and mod wires

  • Newest XB1s controller that is compatible with Bluetooth (can be paired with other devices such as smartphones, computers, and more)

  • Purely hand-built

PS5 DualSense New Color Options

Earlier this week, Tech Times reported that the purple, pink, and blue DualSense controllers are now available for pre-order. It was first spotted during the recently-concluded CES 2022.

To pre-order Starlight Blue and NovaPink Dualsense controllers, the tech site wrote that customers should visit Amazon, PlayStation, GameStop, Best Buy, and Target. It will cost $74.99.

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