A new app on the App Store is topping the charts, and it brings a surprise for a lot of people as it is a peculiar one. The trending application is "Locket," It works as a social networking feature that focuses mainly on the iOS Widgets available on the iOS 14 and iOS 15 operating systems of both the iPhone and iPad devices. 

Locket is Trending on the App Store

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The Apple App Store updates its list of trending applications for the new releases, top free and top paid applications for people to discover. According to Tech Crunch, a new app is making splashes on the platform as it tops the chart now, making a name for itself and helping customize widgets in iOS. 

The idea of Locket came from Matt Moss, and this iOS app is exclusive to the iPhone and iPad only, as long as they support the iOS 14 and iOS 14 operating systems. 

The app helps make long distances work and helps people feel like their loved ones are close, with a reminder on the home screen on media about them. 

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What is Locket? Why is it Trending on the App Store?

Locket is an application that tweaks the iOS Widgets on the home screen. Moss created this application as a side project and a present for his partner, to which he wants to have reminders on his home page daily. 

The app works as a social networking widget as users can choose a photo to display on the device's widget, particularly for those that downloaded the app. It can effectively show the sent pictures from family, friends, or loved ones without opening any application. 

iOS 14 and iOS 15's Widgets: Now Featuring a Social Networking Feature? 

Apple first brought the Widgets to feature in iOS 14, which marked one of the first times that the Cupertino giant allows customization to one's iOS device in its entirety. Indeed, people can rearrange apps and group them into folders and change the home and lock screen's display photo whenever they want.

However, that is not the same as the widgets. Initially, people regarded the Widgets as a copy from Android, but the tech company redeemed themselves by making it more of an iOS feature than something from Google. 

Now, people can customize the widgets for various needs they require, including health widgets or "Hidgets," music, entertainment, weather, dates, photos, calendar, and other preferences. 

People did not get a "social networking" feature in the Widgets from the default offers from Apple, and it did not certainly come from those that provided tweaks for it before. 

The new feature comes with Locket, and it helps in giving people a "photo of the day" kind of update, especially for a friend or loved one they care about to send the image. 

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