LG CLOi service robots are expected to come from South Korea to the United States. These robots are the first commercial service robots to secure UL 3300 certification.

South Korean Tech Giant Introduces CLOi Service Robots

Although CES is over, there are still a lot of cool and exciting technologies out there. As a matter of fact, the South Korean tech giant LG has just announced that it will be sending its own CLOi service robots over to the United States, according to PRNewswire. The robots will be serving customers and helping out with certain workloads, per the announcement.

Almost a year after initially shutting down its smartphone division, the company has been focusing its attention on other things. The company has actually developed a number of automated robots capable of acting as mechanical customer servants.

These robots are called the LG CLOi service robots and are considered the world's first commercial service robots that have ever received the UL 3300 certification.

CLOi Service Robots Weight Carrying Capacity

According to the story by AndroidHeadlines, the robots are designed to travel within buildings, such as restaurants and hotels, in order to provide services to its customers. Among the services that these robots can provide are carrying around and giving certain items to its customers.

The CLOi service robots are said to be capable of carrying up to 66lb without ever running into any trouble. Just by looking at the robots, it is easy to tell that they are capable of carrying a lot with three large trays to hold goods as well as a wide bottom.

Service Robots in Complex Environments

Aside from its ability to carry quite a lot of items, what is also interesting about these robots is how they are capable of working in complex environments with twists, turns, and even moving people. 

The CLOi is said to be capable of navigating through its surroundings without a problem. Being able to see where it is or even who is around it is very important for CLOi robots. This is why LG gave them a host of different sensors in order to help them be able to identify their surroundings.

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Service Robots Capabilities

The robots use the sensors in tandem in order for them to get a sense of their surroundings. To add, they are also using a combination of 3D cameras, ToF (time of flight) sensors, LIDAR sensors, and bumper sensors.The sensors help the robot adjust their movements in real-time. 

According to LG, the robot can be expected in retail locations like restaurants, clothing stores, large hotels, and other locations. The South Korean company is predicting that the CLOi service robots should be capable of reducing the load on workers and speed up total productivity.


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