FaceBit is a new vitals tracker that aims to attach itself to a face mask via magnets and monitor a person's condition through their breath and use of the device. Do not be confused as the FaceBit is only a chip and not a new mask to wear. However, the researchers that made the innovation noted that it is a 'Fitbit for the face' type of device.

FaceBit: Monitor Your Vitals and Track it Via Tech Wearable

(Photo : Northwestern University via YouTube Screenshot)
FaceBit is a magnetic vital tracker that resides in a face mask to monitor different bodily functions for better knowledge of the processes within. It is also called as "Fitbit for the face" as it is a monitoring device for health.

FaceBit is a device developed by Northwestern University, and it aims to magnetically attach itself to any form of face coverings to help a person monitor their vitals and track them. The small chip-looking device can attach itself to N95, KF94, Surgical masks, and Cloth masks that a person wears daily, securing itself in front.

The device can monitor a person's heart rate and track their respiration whenever wearing it. It also provides a phone app to see all the data that FaceBit gathered from wearing the mask once a person goes out.

It is known that mask mandates are still something to observe in the country, and it is only fitting because of the alarming case of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant.

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FaceBit is 'Fitbit for the Face': How So?

Northwestern's FaceBit is also known as "Fitbit for the face," and the researchers dubbed this upon its innovation. Why is that? FaceBit remains a health tracker that can monitor vitals and look for signs of irregularities of a person's well-being.

Alerts can be made to notify a person if there is something wrong with the respiration levels or heart rate, as well as it also stores data for all needs. The chip-looking face mask accessory can also note the time of use.

Smart Wearables Now

One of the most popular tech wearables now are smartwatches, and Apple is known to dominate the industry for its take on wearable tech. The Apple Watch and its many series of releases now have been some of the main focuses of health studies, using the data and observations for discoveries and as a landmark in the field.

However, other focuses on health tech are also available on other devices like the AR glasses that aim to debut health tech with its release. One example would be Magic Leap's 2022 AR release, with partnerships from several health startups already.

Fitbit is from Google, and its separate creation with the smartwatches from the Pixel product gives niche focuses on the technology. The smartwatch is best known for being one of the earliest smartwatches that produce some of the best features known for the wearable, something that would make it a model for a health startup.

FaceBit is bordering on the massive use of face masks in society now, and it would help in tracking the vitals of a person better and more hassle-free as it resides in a required fit in public.

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