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Google Wear OS3 Offers First Exclusive YouTube Music Smartwatch App, But You Still Need To Have One Thing To Access It
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Google is making its "Pixel Watch" that now comes as a leak discovered by insiders, a new wearable tech that would partner its smartphones for better integration of the hardware. It was initially hidden under a project named "Rohan", and it was said to be different from the production or design of the company's Fitbit, focusing on its integration with the Pixel smartphone. 

Google Pixel Watch Is Here

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Smartwatch EKG

The new venture of Google to smartwatches was spotted by Business Insider, claiming that it has a project "Rohan" that is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of the wearable tech that is coming soon. The device was said to be set for release in 2022, with next year being another time for Google to showcase other Pixel devices to the public.

It may be so that Google's Pixel Watch could go along with its Pixel 7, as well as another release of the Pixel Buds to complete the experience. According to The Verge, it would be a bezel-less round watch that would have a touch screen interface, resembling other smartwatch designs. 

The leak did not say whether it would be sporting a wireless charging station with magnets at the bottom or using another tech. 

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Google Pixel Watch 'Rohan'

Google Wear OS3 Offers First Exclusive YouTube Music Smartwatch App, But You Still Need To Have One Thing To Access It
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @bobodtech)

The "Rohan" venture would have a step-tracking feature and heart rate monitor that would focus on health and wellness, featuring the popular "WearOS", which has been available for Samsung smartwatches. Rohan is separate from the manufacturing and venture of Google with its Fitbit smartwatch wearables, mainly used for fitness. 

Google's Suite of Devices to Use

Google is shaping up to be a one-stop-shop for technology devices that one can use for its suite of technology that can interconnect to each other, something debuted by the likes of Apple. The company is known for its upcoming Chromebook, which would have more than its Chrome OS and performance specs, but with a snooping detection for unwanted lookers. 

The latest device release of the company was with the Pixel 6, something which has been highly anticipated by the public for its first transition as an independent company from design to its components. It is known that Google has begun manufacturing its chip design known as "Tensor," a system-on-chip (SoC) ARM semiconductor device. 

The move of Google is massive, but it took them time to release their smartwatch platform to the public that would run with their Pixel smartphone lineup. A lot of smartphone companies that are known competitors of Google have their smartwatch lineup, something even smaller companies have focused on. 

Nevertheless, the smartwatch is coming, says the insider, despite Google not having claimed or confirmed anything yet. 

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