Modified iPhones have their pros and cons. One of the downsides is the absence of a warranty, while the pros are the new features like a USB-C and even a completely waterproof device. Yes, there will be a waterproof iPhone X with a working USB-C port for auction at the price of $86,001. 

Reverse-Engineering the iPhone X with a Working USB-C to a Waterproof Model

According to the story by Gizmodo, three months ago, Ken Pillonel, an engineering student, was able to reverse-engineer and hack an iPhone X with a working USB-C port which is a very useful feature that Apple is still refusing to deliver.

Inspired by the ingenuity of Pillonel, Gernet Jöbstl decided to take things up a notch with another iPhone X with a USB-C port with improved execution that is also 100% waterproof. To add, should there be any doubt in demand for an iPhone X with USB-C syncing instead of Apple's very own Lightning connection, Pillonel put the phone up for auction, and the winning bid was an insane amount.

The Winning Bid is at $86,001 for the Waterproof iPhone X with Working USB-C

The winning bid was at $86,001 and it is important to keep in mind, as per the article by Gizmodo, that this is for a used device that is also out of warranty due to the hardware upgrades. Should the iPhone 14 arrive with a USB-C eventually, Gizmodo notes that Apple users eagerly upgrade their devices.

Through using Pillonel's work along with the documentation uploaded on their GitHub page as a starting point, Jöbstl was able to make his very own customized iPhone X along with a number of key improvements.

The Importance of Waterproof Modern Smartphones

In order to boost the durability of the USB-C port, they decided to create custom support which was partially made of carbon fiber, helping to ensure the connection doesn't come loose after repetitive usage.

More importantly, one of the most sought-after features of modern smartphones is their ability to be able to shrug off a drop in a puddle or maybe even accidentally dunk the phone in a toilet. This is a feature that is often compromised after the phone gets a custom modification.

Through the gratuitous use of super glue that ends up away from visibility, Jöbstl's iPhone X with a USB-C port is able to retain its waterproofing. Jöbstl announced that to fund future modding endeavors further, the waterproof iPhone X will be put to auction starting at 12:00 P.M. EST on Jan. 19.

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Where to Find the Auction for the Waterproof iPhone X

The link will reportedly be shared in the description of Jöbstl's YouTube video. With that, as per Gizmodo, the real question will be whether the iPhone will truly sell for more than $86,000.

This assumes that Apple won't suddenly reveal a USB-C-equipped iPhone 14 during the next five days.


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