It's official, Super Bowl commercials have started rolling in and it seems like Dove may be the first brand to release its ad online.

Guaranteed to make many viewers tear up during the big game on Feb. 1, the ad features fathers running to their children's call during various stages of their life. The ad features boys and girls saying "dad" or "daddy" over and over again, pulling at viewers' heartstrings each time.

"What makes a man stronger?" the ad asks. "Showing that he cares."

While ads for the skin care line have been traditionally targeted to women in the past, Dove released a Men + Care ad during the 2010 Super Bowl. However, that ad was more silly and less heartfelt. 

According to the Director of Marketing for Dove Men + Care Jen Bremner, the company is taking a different approach this year to "showcase and highlight through social channels what it looks like to be a modern man." Men can put their two cents into this discussion by using the hashtag #realstrength.

[Photo Credit: Dove/ YouTube]

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