If America is a refined connosieur in anything, it's probably junk food. And while we specialize in juicy double bacon cheeseburgers (don't forget the side of fries), fried chicken wings and pizza, it's our snack foods that make the land a paradise for junk food connosieurs.

But imagine what it would be like to eat American junk food for the first time? Well, imagine no more because YouTuber Sw Yoon posted a video that captures the reactions of South Korean women as they sample some of our most popular snacks for the first time. It's safe to say that these girls are left so confused,

The women are offered junk food snacks like Goldfish crackers, Poptarts, Cheez-its, Twizzlers, Rice Crispy bars, salt and vinegar crisps and War Heads Sour candy.

When served Goldfish snacks, the women had a resting confused face. "What is this?" one asked. One woman wasn't sure if she could eat it, while others compared it to dog and elementary school treats. "Baby snack," replied another. And they weren't fans of the baby snack at all, describing them as dry crackers.

"When it melts in my mouth it kinda feel like I'm eating belly fat," one woman said. Um yeah, she's pretty dead on with this one.

But it was the Poptarts that really threw these women for a loop. They weren't sure how to eat it, could smell the artificial ingredients and said it tasted like a toy.

And what did they think of the chocolate Rice Krispies? Some enjoyed the treat, mostly because they knew it was a typical American snack. "Something about this reminds me of teenage guys eating protein bars after like a really sweaty workout," another said.

The women were confused on how to eat a Twizzler, asking what they did wrong to deserve this snack.

Probably the funniest reaction is when the women were served dessert. Instead of a sugary donut or cake, they were given War Heads and showed the camera their best sour face.

Watch all the women's reactions in the video below.

Photo Credit: Andrew Malone/Flickr]

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