Google and Microsoft are not known for playing nice with each other, as both companies compete on many fronts. However, the search giant has embraced the Xbox One, and has chosen to work with Microsoft on making it possible for gamers to upload content to YouTube directly from the console.

Making it easier for gamers to upload their favorite recorded contents to YouTube, is an important thing for Microsoft, as Upload Studio did not give many options. Yes, users could have simply upload content to OneDrive, and then use a computer to upload the same content to YouTube. However, it was intuitive when compared to uploading directly from the Xbox One itself.

While the idea here is great, Microsoft is still limiting users to 5 minutes per clip. The software giant needs to consider these issue gamers are experiencing and increase the limit, allowing gamers to have more room for creativity.

How does it work

To make uploading to YouTube possible, Microsoft and Google have worked together to integrate the YouTube app into Game DVR and Upload. This makes it easier than ever for players to get their recorded content on the Internet's most popular video platform. In addition, a new update to the YouTube app will allow for the support of Snap Mode. This means, Xbox One users can play their favorite games while watching a guide on YouTube, all at the same time.

Furthermore, and most interesting, Xbox One players will have the ability to earn achievements by just watching YouTube. It is not yet clear how such a feature would work, but it sounds quite promising nonetheless.

GoPro on Xbox 360

While Xbox One users are getting a whole new YouTube experience, Xbox 360 users are about to get the GoPro experience. We've heard for quite some time that GoPro is coming to the Xbox 360, and now it's here along with some exclusive content. Bear in mind, that only Xbox 360 users with an Xbox Live Gold account will be eligible to take advantage of what the GoPro app has to offer.

"The GoPro Channel app will bring the best of GoPro originally-produced and user-generated content into the homes of millions of Xbox Live Gold customers," said Adam Dornbusch, Head of Content Distribution at GoPro. "We're excited to launch with exclusive content for early adopters of the app and stoke out the Xbox 360 community with hours of engaging and inspiring GoPro videos through the Channel."

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