If you are a Tinder user than you know that some conversations can get pretty disgusting. And while we have seen profiles for a ghost, pizza, a hamburger and even Adolf Hitler, it only makes sense that a toilet would join because dating can be a crap shoot sometimes.

Alex Scola, an associate editor at Distractify is the man behind the 25-year-old toilet he named Oliet. It turns out Oliet is quite popular and has gotten over 100 matches in just 24-hours.

"I'll preface this by saying: I had never used Tinder before this experiment and, frankly, I'm not sure I ever will again," Scola writes. "Tis a scary place."

It seems like people sympathized with his profile, which reads, "I'm a toilet. I take Sh*t all day and no one appreciates me." Scola took screenshots of the conversations people had with him, some thanking him for always being there, while others obviously got a little dirty with Oilet.

Scola says the immediate responses of "love" was humbling, minus the extra weird sh*t that comes with talking to a toilet. Many matches just played along with the joke, while others got a little too perverted.

However, the Tinder experience as a toilet was also a learning experience for him. "I did learn that people tend to be so much more than their profile descriptions," he writes. He also learned that Tinder users are sometimes lonely.

Oliet had over 200 matches both male and female that stayed around.

[PHOTO CREDIT: dirtyboxface/Flickr]

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