A 56-year old woman from Florida was arrested on Friday and charged with animal abuse for allegedly drowning a puppy at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport.

Cynthia V. Anderson, who has a string of arrests in her past, was trying to catch a flight with five Dobermans but was informed that her three puppies were too young to fly.

According to reports, Anderson's two adult dogs were cleared for travel; however airline regulations stated that puppies must be at least eight weeks old in order to board on the aircraft. An airline official stopped her when they determined that her puppies looked to be only around two weeks old.

"Their eyes weren't even open," said Grand Island police Capt. Dean Elliott. 

It has been reported that Anderson's parents were able to pick up two of the three puppies at the airport but it was not stated why they were unable to take the third pup.

At first, Anderson attempted to sneak the puppy into the aircraft by hiding it in her hand-carry bag. When she failed, she was seen entering and exiting one of the public toilets. That was when another woman reported finding the dead Doberman puppy in the toilet.

An autopsy on the puppy conducted by the Central Nebraska Humane Society confirmed that its lungs were full of water and it had died of drowning.

Anderson was charged with animal abuse and is currently being held at Hall County Jail.

Her other Dobermans are presently in the care of Humane Society. Executive Director Laurie Dethloff said that they are also investigating the condition of the two puppies that were taken home by Anderson's parents, as well as determine the ownership of all the dogs.

A look into Anderson's past shows that she had previously been arrested several times since 2010 on various robbery, grand theft, and trespassing charges, as well as parole violations.

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