Cats Have Nine Lives? Hit by a Car and Buried, This Cat Called ‘Bart’ Crawls Out of the Grave


Like a scene out of Romero's Night of the Living Dead, one extremely lucky cat managed to claw himself out of his own grave. Hit by a car five days earlier and thought to be dead, his owners buried him and said their goodbyes. However, Bart the cat clearly had some of his nine cat lives still left in him because he was found injured, weak, but very much alive in a neighbor's yard.

Photos of Bart's mangled body after being found alive and out of his grave on Jan. 21 may make you think of Stephen King's Pet Sematary, but Bart's owner couldn't be happier to see that his beloved cat was still alive and had a second chance at life.

According to 52-yer old Ellis Hutson, Bart's owner, he found his cat in the middle of E 113th Avenue. The cat was hit by a vehicle and wasn't moving. Heartbroken at Bart's death, Hutson could not even bring himself to bury his little friend, so a neighbor helped him dig up a grave.

Still grieving, he was shocked to learn that 1 and a half year old Bart somehow managed to survive and dig his way out of the shallow grave by the road and was meowing and begging for food at the home of his other neighbor, Dusty Albritton.

They brought Bart to the vet and aside from the obvious torn up face and matted fur, he also had a ruptured eye and broken jaw. Bart was extremely dehydrated, weak, and hungry as well.

Unfortunately, Hutson could not afford the emergency treatments Bart needed which add up to more than $1000. So he turned him over to the Humane Society to help save his life. Executive director Sherry Silk has reached out to help pay for Bart's surgeries with the organization's Save-A-Pet Medical Fund.

Bart's mangled eye had to be removed and his soft palette repaired. His jaw wired shut while it heals. A feeding tube was inserted so he can eat during recovery which vets expect will take up to six weeks.

"He's purring, even with all these injuries. I can't even imagine how awful he must have felt. He's just a really wonderful, patient, loving cat," said Silk.

Bart is expected to be reunited with Hutson when he is fully recovered from his near-death ordeal.

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